Gregory’s founder, Wayne Gregory started the company with a simple passion; to design backpacks which could be trusted on the most ambitious of life’s adventures. Since 1977, Gregory has been persistent in the push towards high-performance and high-quality packs.

Wayne Gregory pioneered suspension systems which worked with your body, while considering the difference in fit across men’s and women’s backpacks. By using cutting edge technology and forward thinking, they’re able to design some of the most streamlined and incredibly reliable technical packs on the market to this day.

Gregory Backpack Nano 18L Blue propped up against sandy rocks


“Exploration is about the spirit and drive to make your life what you want, and our mission is to build packs you trust to take you there.”


Man and woman hiking wearing Gregory Nano Sling bags

By balancing hours at the office and time spent enjoying the outdoors, they understand what it’s like to navigate through the ‘daily’ and the ‘dream’. Combining their passion for adventure with their professions, they have the firsthand knowledge and experience to keep their designs innovative.

Prototypes are built in their global headquarters. Located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah, their team has access to impressive hiking, and biking routes, as well as outdoor activities such as skiing and fishing spots, where they like to put prototypes to the test. With 270-degree views from the office, they state “We can feel the energy of the mountains all around us, which inspires and motivates us to push the boundaries of new product design.”

Through the years, they’ve thoughtfully taken on board everything they’ve learned about how to design and create products which are built to last a lifetime. Their commitment to quality has led to distinctive design considerations and standards. By having an outlook on design which is centred around quality, Gregory ensures their products can easily be repaired to elongate their lifetime, keeping them out of landfills.


Organising their efforts into 3 categories to help them focus, implement, measure, and share their progress:

‘Why We Build’ 
Gregory has a mission to enlighten more people on the benefits of getting outdoors. They build packs which last a lifetime, doing their part to help protect the great outdoors, while making it more accessible for everyone to enjoy.

‘What We Build’ 
They consider how to make their products last longer. Curating products that are of high-quality, with low impact materials. Pioneering new design and construction techniques.

‘How We Build’ 
Taking the time to be selective and deliberate about where materials are sourced, and who they build their products with is of high importance.


Whether you’re an avid hiker or need a reliable bag for your commute into the office, a Gregory pack will see you through all kinds of adventure in the great outdoors for many years to come. Explore some of the packs stocked at Rohan: 

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Adventure Travel: 
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Nano Backpack 
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Rhune Backpack 


Hydration Packs:  
Women’s Sula H2O Backpack 
Men’s Salvo H2O Backpack


With a Gregory pack, you can enjoy a reliable fit and functionality no matter where your day takes you.