Your invisible armour against irritating insects.

Depending on where you are in the world, insect bites can range from mild annoyances to serious health concerns. Whether you’re dodging ticks and mosquitos while trekking in the back country or dealing with swarms of midges invading your picnic in the park, if left unchecked, these flying and crawling nuisances can quickly spoil your outdoor experience.


There’s a lot to love about the summer. Nicer weather, longer days, and more opportunities to get outside. But unfortunately, we’re not the only ones who enjoy the rise in temperatures. Warm weather can herald an increase in insect populations, which inevitably leads to more potential insect bites and more frustrating encounters with these pesky pests.

That’s why we use Insect Shield® technology. Proven to dramatically reduce instances of insect bites by an impressive 97%, this odourless and non-toxic clothing treatment can be found across many of our outdoor ranges.

In this guide we will explore the science behind the technology, how it can help to enhance your outdoor activities, and our latest additions to the Insect Shield® range.


How does Insect Shield® work?

Insect Shield® technology uses a proprietary formulation of permethrin, a synthetic copy of a naturally occurring insect repellent found in the Chrysanthemum flower. Permethrin has been used commercially for many years and has been proven to be highly effective in a large variety of products. What makes Insect Shield® unique is how tightly its proprietary formula binds to the fibres of a garment, allowing for extended protection even through regular use and washing.

Permethrin works by over-stimulating an insect’s nervous system, causing them to become weakened and rapidly disengage. The effect occurs almost instantly and ensures that the insect will not return to land on the garment.

As opposed to traditional topical insect repellents, Insect Shield® places the protection on your clothing rather than on your skin. Another feature that sets it apart from the spray on style of insect repellent is its distinct lack of odour.


What insects does Insect Shield® repel?

Insect Shield® has been proven to be effective against a large variety of biting insects including mosquitos, ticks, ants, flies, midges, and harvest mites. So wherever you’re wandering, enhance your peace of mind with Insect Shield® and explore confidently thanks to the built-in protection provided by the technology. 


Where should I wear Insect Shield® clothing?

Insect Shield® treated clothing is perfect for anywhere you might encounter biting insects. It’s perfect for everyday summer use around your local area when the numbers of insects are higher, or if you’re heading out into the countryside for a camping or hiking trip. If you’re heading further afield to areas where it’s highly crucial to protect yourself against disease carrying insects, then it’s a great idea to use Insect Shield® to increase your defence against bites.


What makes Insect Shield® different to topical spray repellents?

Simply put, spray repellents place the protection on your skin, Insect Shield® places the protection in your clothing. It will last for the lifetime of the garment and does not need to be reapplied.

Insect repellent sprays are effective at warding off unwanted insects, but their unpleasant smell, potential for irritating your skin, and necessity to regularly reapply can make them an unappealing choice. They are also designed to be sprayed onto your skin, leaving your clothes free for insects to land on – this can lead to insects managing to find their way inside your clothing and bite you. For the best protection, we’d recommend combining Insect Shield® clothing with a topical spray. Insect Shield® will ensure that insects cannot land on any area covered by your clothing, and the spray repellent will help to protect any exposed skin.


What are Rohan’s latest Insect Shield® products? 

In 2024, we launched our Frontier and Savannah ranges. Equipped with Insect Shield® alongside a variety of other technologies, these ranges are designed to thrive in the wilderness environment while being subtly stylish enough to wear on everyday adventures.

To compliment the built-in insect protection provided by Insect Shield®, we’ve included a few nifty design features to help increase your protection even further.

On our Savannah and Frontier shirts we’ve added a double layer central placket. Inspired by our waterproof jackets, this double layer design feature provides an impenetrable barrier against insect intruders.

And to prevent insects from crawling up your trouser leg, we’ve added an internal mesh cuff to the inside of the Frontier and Savannah trousers. This provides a sleek alternative to the un-stylish solution of tucking your trouser leg into your sock. Simply tuck the internal mesh into your sock and stay protected without impacting your style.

See more of the Women’s Savannah range here, and Men’s Frontier range here.



Whether you’re heading into misty rainforests, expansive deserts, or just ambling around your local woodland, Insect Shield® technology provides wearable protection for adventures both near and far.

As we’ve explored in this guide, Insect Shield® can only protect areas covered by the garment, so it’s a good idea to use a topical spray on any exposed skin like your hands, arms, or neck.


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