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The importance of layers


In the world of outdoor exploration, the best way to stay comfortable across all environments, is to make sure that you’re dressing in appropriate layers. Whether you’re planning to embark on a hiking trip, or even facing the unpredictable weather whilst on your daily commute – it’s essential to understand the ‘why’ behind the importance of dressing in layers. This guide will help you to pick out layers that are tailored to any activity or adventure that you’re setting out on and helping you to feel better prepared and confident when heading out.


Our 5-Layer System works to strike a balance between heat retention and heat loss, by using adaptable layering garments. Rohan layers are designed to bring versatility to your wardrobe, providing you with lightweight, thermally efficient staple pieces of clothing for various levels of activity. What’s important, is the ways they are put together in layers to suit your adventure.


For example, our mid-layers can be worn over a base layer for a lightweight and protective cover, or they can be paired up with our waterproofs and insulated jackets, to create a tried and tested layering system, that you can always rely on.



Layering by activity


Many Rohan layers are interchangeable, so you can swap parts of your layering system in accordance with the adventure at hand – making it more suitable and comfortable based upon your needs.


When it comes to embarking on adventures such as hiking, backpacking or even trail walking, gear that you can count on is essential.


From moisture-wicking base layers to fleeces for keeping the warmth in, or lightweight waterproofs that protect you from wet weather - you can get through all the seasons with Rohan layers.


Man and woman hiking in the mountains wearing Rohan Walking Clothing


Layers for Walking and Hiking


When heading out for a scenic walk or hike, you’ll need to keep the weather forecast in mind and consider the level of activity that you’re planning. You can start with the basics and build up your kit to suit your needs.



Base Layers for Walking and Hiking:

Our base layers are incredibly versatile and have lots of superior fabric technology, which means that they can be used on many types of adventures.


Global T

The Global T is Rohan’s high-performance alternative to a traditional cotton t-shirt. Using our tried and tested DryKnit fabric with added Dynamic Moisture Control and Anti Odour Silver technology, to give the Global T an impressive amount of versatility and outstanding performance. Packed with impressive technologies, a basic t-shirt has never been less basic.


Pennine Shirt

Designed to be worn during the summer months while exploring the hills. The Pennine Shirt combines versatility and functionality, and can be worn as a base layer during the summer months, or even as a mid-layer as cooler weather starts to set in. This shirt combines Silvadur™ antimicrobial treatment, Dynamic Moisture Control, and built-in UV protection to enhance comfort and keep you cool if you build up a sweat.


Merino Union 150

Our Merino Union 150 tops are the ultimate base layers for the winter months. A smart, versatile option for layering and ensuring superior warmth in cold climates. Made from a blend of superfine Merino Wool and Polyester, making it an incredibly comfortable and durable base layer for cold temperatures.


Rohan Walking Clothing Base Layers; man wearing Pennine Shirt and woman wearing Global Long Sleeve T


Mid Layers for Walking and Hiking:

If you’re heading out on a cooler day or heading out further afield, you will need that extra layer to help you stay warm.


Gridline Fleece

Designed for more active days in cooler weather. The Gridline Fleece is the perfect combination of lightweight, warm, and stretchy, making it an ideal mid-layer for days where you need to stay warm, without limiting your freedom of movement. This fleece has Silvadur™ anti-odour technology – helping you to stay fresh and confident when out on your adventures, whether you are hiking, running, or walking.


Vale Fleece Jacket

The Vale Fleece Jacket is an essential layering piece. It can be worn as part of a larger layering system, underneath a coat for maximum warmth when venturing to colder climates, or even as an outer layer jacket. Offering protection, warmth, and comfort in a clean, classic style. A Durable Water Repellency finish has been applied, which means that you won’t need to rummage around your bag, searching for a waterproof in light showers.


Rohan Walking Clothing Mid Layers; woman wearing Gridline Fleece and man wearing Vale Fleece Jacket


Outer Layers for Walking and Hiking:

On colder days, it’s best to complete your layering system with a jacket or coat based upon your needs. Do you need extra added warmth, a waterproof, or a jacket to help regulate your ideal body temperature?


Brecon Jacket

When you’re exploring the hills or further afield, the Brecon Jacket is a great way to complete your layering system. It comes with our renowned Barricade Standard, which combines our latest fabric technology for being waterproof, windproof, and breathable, so that you can focus on the adventure at hand and power on through wet and windy weather, with complete confidence in your kit.


Helios Jacket

The Helios Jacket is lightweight, packable, and insulated. It uses two types of synthetic Insuloft insulation to shield you from the chilly weather that you may face when heading out. The Helios jacket is designed to protect you from the weather's harshest elements and can be layered under a waterproof, to keep you warm in the pouring rain, or even worn as a protective outer layer against the biting cold.


Rohan Walking Clothing Outer Layers; man wearing Helios Jacket and woman wearing Brecon Waterproof Jacket


Trousers for Walking and Hiking:

When the going gets tough, adding a pair of Rohan trousers to your layering system can ensure complete protection. If you’re braving the wet weather, the harsh winter elements, or even heading out in hot, humid conditions, there’s a trusty pair of Rohan trousers for the occasion.


Stretch Bag Convertible

In trek and in travel, the ability to convert your trousers into a functional pair of shorts is essential when exploring on hotter days. Our convertible Stretch Bags offer a quick and easy outfit change whilst on the move, with detachable trouser legs above the knees. These trousers are sun protective with a UPF+ rating, so that you can feel protected, cool, and comfortable on hot days.


Fjell Trousers

The Fjell Trousers are our most technical winter hiking trousers. They have been designed for outdoor activities, and are based upon the needs of mountaineers, hikers, and explorers. These trousers have been created with our hard-wearing MultiFlex four way stretch fabric, which along with the built-in bend at the knee, gives them a perfect fit and makes them incredibly comfortable to wear.


Winter Stretch Bags

Rohan Winter Stretch Bags are the winter-worthy version of our durable Stretch Bags. They have an insulated wadding and jersey lining to ensure warmth. These superbly designed trousers offer outstanding protection against cold weather and the inbuilt stretch in the fabric provides freedom of movement, which means they're perfect for active walks and many different outdoor activities.


Rohan Walking Clothing Trousers; man wearing Winter Stretch Bags and woman wearing Fjell Trousers


Layers for City Travel


If you’re heading out into the city, your layering needs may look a little different.


Rohan offers a range of sophisticated everyday wear with all the technical features you would expect – allowing you to move from daytime adventures to evening indulgence without interruption.



Base Layers for City Travel:


Rohan Base Layers aren’t just base layers. They’re highly versatile garments that you would be glad to wear on their own and could become your favourite everyday wear – layered up, or on their own..


Merino Cool T

The Merino Cool T is full of understated style with technical, high-spec features, making it a versatile top that’s great for everyday wear. It has all the best properties of lyocell, polyamide and merino wool to create a temperature regulating and naturally antimicrobial top that can be worn alone on warmer days, or as part of a layering system.


Basis T

The Basis T is perfect for everyday wear, whether it’s warm enough to go jacket-free, or cool enough to layer up – making it a wardrobe essential. Crafted from our tried and tested DryKnit fabric, this soft and stretchy t-shirt won’t lose its shape, pill, or fade. It’s a durable base layer that will form the base of your most comfortable outfits, season after season.


Rohan City Travel Clothing Base Layers; man wearing Basis Long Sleeve T and woman wearing Merin Cool Short Sleeve T


Mid Layers for City Travel:

When exploring the city, you may need an extra layer for warmth, or you may just want something to appropriately see you from daytime activities, right through to the fun of the evening.


Radiant Merino Crew

Combining comfort and warmth, the Radiant Merino Crew is a versatile and lightweight mid-layer for all your everyday adventures. Made from a blend of polyester, merino wool and elastane, it offers the perfect combination of insulation and breathability. So, whether you’re commuting to work, exploring new towns on chilly days, or just relaxing at home, the Radiant Merino Crew is a fantastic addition to your layering system.


Eave Shirt

The Eave Shirt is a lightweight and comfortable layer that is designed to keep you feeling cool and protected during the warmer months. From sunny strolls through the city, to picnics in the park, the Eave Shirt can be worn as a base layer, or as an overshirt mid-layer to keep you protected from the sun with built in UPF40+ sun protection.


Rohan City Travel Clothing Mid Layers; man wearing Radiant Merino Crew and woman wearing Eave long sleeve shirt


Outer Layers for City Travel:

Stylish, warm and practical coats and jackets to complete your city layering. With plenty of technical aspects to help you go about your day with confidence.


Valley Jacket

The Valley Jacket was inspired by our original Bags Trousers. Our MultiFlex fabric makes this jacket a great layer for city exploration, as it offers unrestricted movement. The blend of polyamide and elastane creates a lightweight yet durable stretch fabric, which we’ve finished with Durable Water Repellency, to protect you from unexpected showers.


Alvei Coat

The Alvei Coat is a stylish and practical choice for everyday wear, which was designed to keep you feeling warm on colder days around the city. With a long length fit and a versatile collar design, this coat combines technical features with everyday practicality. The long length cut, and asymmetrical front wrap make it perfectly suited for the city and town environment, while the Insuloft insulation inside the coat provides effective protection from cold temperatures.


Rohan City Travel Clothing Outer Layers; woman wearing Alvei long coat and man wearing Valley Jacket


Trousers for City Travel:

At Rohan, we offer a range of jeans for day-to-day wear, or when travelling across cities. Like all our products, they’re packed with different technologies to give you the best experience when out and about.


Flex Jeans

Experience unmatched comfort and freedom of movement with our Flex Jeans. These jeans come in a Classic fit, as well as a Tapered fit and are designed to keep up with your active lifestyle, whether you’re wandering through town or travelling abroad. They’re made with a unique blend of Coolmax® polyester, cotton, lyocell, and elastane, making them the perfect combination of style and function, and an absolute wardrobe essential.


Advance Jeans

Designed to offer year-round comfort in ever changing weather conditions, our Advance Jeans are perfect for travelling across cities and everyday wear. Made from a blend of cotton and advanced modern synthetics, they’re lightweight and luxuriously comfortable to wear.


Shop Men's Jeans here and Women's Jeans here.


Rohan City Travel Clothing Trousers; man wearing Flex Tapered Fit Jeans and woman wearing Advance Jeans


Rohan layers aren’t just about warmth. They’re also about adaptability, moisture control and helping to effectively maintain your body’s ideal temperature throughout the day. All these factors will depend on what sort of activity you’re planning.


Getting your layering combination right can be the difference between an enjoyable experience that will give you great memories to hold onto, and stressful one. If your clothes aren’t doing what you need them to do, then you can’t fully embrace the adventure at hand.


Gearing up with reliable layers will bring several advantages to your next exploration:


When layering correctly for your chosen activity, you’ll feel much more comfortable – which means you can spend more time focusing on the beauty of your surroundings.



Rohan gear is designed with versatility in mind. This means that you can easily adapt to changing weather conditions, different terrains, and various levels of activity with ease, by building up or dressing down your layers.



Our kit is designed to last. Durable gear can get you through adventure after adventure. Caring for your clothing properly can help to ensure that they last you an exceptionally long time, so we’ve made our clothing as easy to care for as possible.


Before you head out on your next adventure, take the time to have a think about how your chosen activity, the weather conditions and the terrain will impact the way you need your clothing to perform – and remember, effective layering will help to make sure that you’re having the best adventure possible.

Whether you’re heading off to the mountains, following a woodland trail path or venturing out into the city, it’s time to gear up and head out. Wherever you’re heading – we’ve got you covered.


Happy adventuring!