Experience the best of technologies and functionality across our range of trousers as we explore a curated selection that goes beyond expectations. From advanced materials ensuring durability, to smart features enhancing convenience. Our collection of legwear redefines the possibilities of adventure.



Our Most Durable Trousers

Our most durable trousers are designed to be able to withstand the challenges you may face during your outdoor adventures. We’ve picked out some trousers which provide you with unmatched resilience ideal for activities such as hiking, camping, and rock scrambling.


Designed with tough materials and handy features these trousers will endure whatever you throw at them, enabling you to explore with complete confidence.


Women’s Vela Trousers

A lightweight, tough, and technical legging style trouser. Made with a 2-way stretch fabric, with ripstop fabric at the knee and seat for extra durability.


Men’s Antlia Trousers

Designed with ripstop panelling at the knee, seat, and gusset as well as anti-scruff tape at the hems for fantastic durability.


Our most durable trousers are incredibly versatile. While they’re perfect for your fast paced adventures across tougher terrains, they’re also ideal for when you want to slow it down for a spot of birdwatching, gardening, or stroll around your local park.



Our Smartest Trousers

Refine your wardrobe with our smartest trousers, which epitomises sophisticated styling while remaining functional for outdoor adventures. Designed with a focus on comfort, modern cuts, and technical features for a well-polished appearance.


Men’s District Trousers

The perfect balance between smart, and practical for day-to-day wear wherever your journeys take you.


Women’s Cropped District Trousers

Featuring a cropped ankle for a stylish appearance. These trousers are the perfect combination of comfortable and practical for your adventures.


Our smartest trousers are an adaptable option, ideal for weekends away exploring new towns and cities, days at the office, or even for evening meals out.



Our Stretchiest Trousers

Our stretchiest trousers provide you with a blend of comfort, flexibility, and technologies that adapt to your every move. Designed with Multiflex fabric for unrestricted freedom of movement across your day.


Men’s and Women’s Stretch Bags Trousers

Our Men’s and Women’s Stretch Bags are a comfortable trouser with freedom of movement for adventurous walkers and trekkers.


An incredibly versatile pair of stretchy trousers, perfect for hiking adventures, countryside strolls, or even days at home.



Our Trousers with all the Pockets

Make the most of practicality with our trousers will all the pockets. Designed for the modern adventurer with plenty of pockets for all your on-the-go essentials. From smartphones to keys, and everything in between, these trousers seamlessly blend convenience with style.


Men’s Frontier Trousers

Featuring a total of 6 pockets, the Men’s Frontier Trousers offer ample storage options adventure essentials, including 2 front hand pockets which expand with the use of snap fasteners, and 1 hidden secure zipped pocket for storing your more valuable possessions.


Women’s Savannah Trousers

The Women’s Savannah Trousers offer plenty of close to hand storage with a total of 6 pockets. Featuring a rear zipped pocket, as well as a hidden zip inside the right-hand pocket for secure stashing of valuables.


Whether you’re on the move across far flung expeditions or simply prefer hands-free ease, these trousers ensure your belongings are kept safe, secure, and easily accessible at all times.



Our Denim Trousers

Experience the perfect fusion of comfort, versatility, and functionality with our denim trousers. Designed from a mix of cotton and synthetic fibres, our denim trousers are much lighter, more packable, and dry faster than regular denim trousers.


Men’s Flex Tapered Jeans

A stand-out pair of denim trousers with the addition of ultra-soft lyocell in the fabric blend to ensure they feel comfortable all day.


Women’s Flex Tapered Jeans

A comfortable and lightweight pair of denim trousers thanks to the combination of Coolmax® polyester, lyocell, and elastane with cotton.


Our Denim Trousers are perfect for days out in the sunshine, exploring cities abroad, embracing casual outings closer to home, or strolling around coastal towns. With their quick dry properties, you can pack these jeans on your trips, give them a quick wash, and have them dry by morning.



Our Trousers with the D-Rings

Embark on journeys with our trousers with D-rings. Designed to provide versatile attachment points for belongings such as keys, tools, or accessories. Whether you’re exploring the outdoors, embracing a spot of DIY at home, or solo travelling.


Men’s and Women’s Bags Trousers Range

Our lightweight, multi-functional outdoor trousers. Featuring our trademark accessory D-ring for securely holding your essentials when out and about.

Elevate your wardrobe with trousers that prioritise convenience and discover form and function with our tried and tested Bags Trousers.


Our Most Versatile Trousers

Discover limitless possibilities with our most versatile trousers. This selection of trousers is designed to adapt to any occasion, seeing you through all sorts of outdoor activities with ease. Made from cutting-edge materials, and innovative design features. These trousers offer a perfect blend of functionality and versatility.

Elevate your outdoor wardrobe with versatile trousers such as our Men’s and Women’s Wanderers. Equipped with UPF40+ sun protection and 2-way stretch, keeping you protected while moving with you across the outdoors.