National Walking Day is a simple, yet enjoyable way to embrace the outdoors while promoting walking as a fantastic form of exercise. It takes place every year on the first Wednesday of April, which comes at the perfect time as we’re seeing more signs of spring after a long, dark winter where we may not have been as active as we’d have liked to be.  


How to celebrate National Walking Day

National Walking Day is the perfect opportunity for us to be getting outdoors, being active, and leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s the ideal time for us to create a new healthy habit of walking regularly or even feel encouraged to restart an old one. 


Go for a walk 

The most obvious way to celebrate National Walking Day is to get outdoors for a walk. This could be a scenic stroll through the countryside, a wander around your local park, or even a walk round the block with the dog. 
If you’re a regular walker you could add an extra 30 minutes onto your daily walk, or if you’re just getting started you could take a quick walk to the shops.


Join a walking club 

A fun way to enjoy National Walking Day is to find a walking club in your local area and join them for some of their upcoming planned walks. This is a great way to get outdoors, meet new people, and socialise while getting your steps in.


Treat yourself to some new walking gear 

Celebrate National Walking Day by upgrading your walking gear. By opting for clothing that works as hard as you do, you’ll find more enjoyment in your walking adventures. This means that you’re more likely to stick to healthy walking habits for longer.


Set off on a walking holiday 

Make the most of National Walking Day by embarking on a walking holiday surrounded by scenic landscapes. HF Holidays offer ‘wow-worthy’ walks, which are tailored to all levels of experience and personal interests.


Benefits of walking 

National Walking Day offers us many benefits and is a great chance for us to be getting outdoors. Some of the benefits of getting outdoors for a walk include: 
- Improved quality of sleep  
- Improved level of concentration 
- Socialisation opportunities  
- Improved mental health 
- Improved joint flexibility 
- Reduced stress and tension 
- Improved mood


National Walking Day is a great way for people of all ages and abilities to head outdoors and reap the benefits of being active in the outdoors. Grab your most comfortable pair of walking shoes and join us in spending some quality time outdoors this National Walking Day, or plan use it as an opportunity to plan how you’ll be spending National Walking Month in May!