Tailored, time-saving, expert advice with a Rohan Personal Shopper.

Tailored, time-saving, expert advice

What is the Rohan Personal Shopper Experience?

If you’re planning your next big adventure, an extra special holiday or you’re seeking a little bit of advice and assistance with your next Rohan purchases, why not book an appointment with a highly knowledgeable Rohan Personal Shopper?

Your dedicated Personal Shopper will meet you in-store, at the time you’ve pre-arranged, ready and waiting with a curated selection of Rohan products which have been carefully chosen to meet your individual requirements.

They’ll go through each item in detail, explaining their relative merits, technologies and design. Usage, destination of travel, style, shape, comfort preferences and complementary colours will all be taken into consideration, and you’ll be able to ask any questions whilst trying everything on in a relaxed environment.

Our complimentary Personal Shopper Experience is designed to make your shopping experience as fuss-free as possible, because as we know, time is precious and the outdoors is waiting to be explored.

Whether you’re walking in the Lakes, birding in the Himalayas, cycling in Amsterdam or trekking the Camino del Norte – Rohan has you covered.

Your journey starts here.


The expertise of our Personal Shoppers is extensive.
Here are just a few categories they can offer advice on:

Adventure travel

Hiking in the Sierra Nevada or camel trekking
in Morocco? We can advise on the essential articles of
clothing you’ll need for every destination.

City travel

Want to travel light yet look smart for an upcoming trip to Bergen or other urban locations?
We’ll suggest a few combinations to achieve that.

Clothing for specific climates

Our clothing is far from ordinary and our technology far from basic. You’ll find sun protective clothing with UPF ratings and Insect Shield® treated garments which let you enjoy your big adventures without the little irritations. For colder climes, we’ll share our know-how when it comes to insulated jackets and layering.

Packing lists for specific destinations

Come to us with a destination and we’ll make sure you leave your appointment fully clued up on what to take with you and what to wear.

Hillwalking & Hiking

Having the right clothing for this is fundamental: conditions in the hills can change rapidly. Don’t get caught out. We’ll help you prepare for every eventuality.

Birdwatching & Photography

Many of our customers are experienced in particular areas such as photography and birdwatching; the types of outdoor hobbies our clothing is made for. We can help pick out items from our range which will give you the freedom to focus on the job in hand.


Master the smart-casual while taking advantage of
Rohan’s high-performing fabric technologies.


3 simple steps

  1. Email us at post@rohan.co.uk or call 0800 840 1411 to book your Personal Shopper Experience.
  1. In advance of your appointment, your assigned Personal Shopper will be in touch to find out a little more about you and what you’re hoping to get out of your Personal Shopper Experience.
  1. Pop along to the store on the day of your appointment to try on a variety of pre-shopped, high-performance clothing based on your requirements.

Needless to say, there is no cost for our Personal Shopper Experience. There’s no minimum spend and no obligation to make a purchase during your appointment.

We look forward to welcoming you in-store soon.

What if I want to book a Personal Shopper experience at a different Rohan store?

At the moment, our Personal Shopper experience is only available at Rohan Covent Garden.

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