Supporting Your Journey for 50 Years

At Rohan, we’re proud of all we’ve achieved over the past half-century, and we’re excited to share with you some of our plans for our 50th year. We’ve kitted out our customers for so many compelling adventures over the years, from high-altitude hiking to safaris in the summer heat; we’ve loved every minute of it. We thank you for that!

We want to reflect on our ground-breaking past, which has seen us at the forefront of innovation in outdoor and travel clothing, and use it to inspire our future. At the very start, we supplied kit for a successful trip to Everest, and started selling direct to customers through our retail stores. Over the past 50 years, we’ve continued to embolden Rohan-wearers to have their own adventures, through our 54 retail stores and our website. 

This year, we want to share with you our pride in these achievements. A team from our Head Office will be visiting Rohan stores across the country throughout the year, to meet you and chat all about significant products from our past and exciting plans for the future. If you’d like to attend one of these store evenings then please email us at; we look forward to seeing you there. 

In 50 years we’ve made some truly iconic garments. We’re lucky enough to have customers who love these items as much as we do, and who have taken excellent care of them. So much so, we’re able to display them in some of our stores! From the Olfio Jacket to the Ton Day Trousers, there are amazing colours and styles in our collection. The Rohan archives are full of intriguing and rich stories of adventure that we’ll bring to our website, direct mail and retail stores this year. 

We’re also planning a big 50th weekend in June, so watch this space for more information!

At Rohan, we’re proud to have such an interesting past and this year we want to share some of that with you, while giving you an insight into an equally exciting future.

The beginning, like most beginnings, was simple. It started on a kitchen table in a small cottage in Skipton, North Yorkshire. Paul and Sarah Howcroft were on a mission: to change how people thought about outdoor clothing. And just like that, Rohan was born.

While other outdoor brands were focusing on specific garments, the team took a step back and really got to grips with fabric technology. They were the first to offer soft shell. The first to create compact travel trousers.

And in a first to beat all firsts, the Rohan Windlord Gwaihir Jacket was used on the first assent of Everest without oxygen. This uncompromising pursuit of excellence snowballed. And in the following years innovation followed more innovation.

From Bags Trousers with Airlight, to UV protection fabric, insect repellent clothing, to our Barricade Standard waterproofing. We were always looking for better then –and we’re still looking for better now.

We’ve stayed true to our spirit. It’s the same spirit that our customers embody: single-minded and adventure-loving. An unwillingness to settle for business as usual. So as we look to the next half a century, we do so with the same wonder, excitement and sense of challenge that Paul and Sarah felt some 50 years ago.

We’re glad you’re here to join us for the ride.

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