First Published: 11th March 2022

Updated: 20th March 2024


In 1972, Paul and Sarah Howcroft founded Rohan in Skipton, North Yorkshire. We’ve been making world-class technical clothing for over 50 years. Since our first store opened in 1983, we’ve seen our customers wear Rohan on countless adventures, from the top of Everest to the rolling hills of the South Downs.

Our approach to design is ‘function first’, and our new range is no exception. Full of innovative fabric technologies, we’ve designed our Spring/Summer 2024 collection to work with you. Whether you’re out exploring the wilderness in the height of summer, scoping out new coastal trails in the sea breeze, or dipping in and out of historic buildings on a city break. Wherever your journey takes you this season, let our new range inspire you to explore in comfort, fully protected from the elements.  
Here are a few of our technologies explained: 



Insect Shield®


Garments that feature Insect Shield® technology provide effective protection against biting insects. They’ve been designed to travel with you – from humid jungles and misty Scottish Highlands to lakeside cabins and summer camping trips.

When you see clothing labelled with Insect Shield®, it’s been treated with Permethrin. An invisible and odourless treatment which is tightly bonded to fabric fibres to protect you from biting bugs. We’ve used this treatment in clothing such as the Men’s Frontier Shirt, and Women’s Savannah Trousers to offer you full-coverage insect protection.



UPF 40+ Sun Protection


There’s very little shade at the summit of a long uphill climb or on a restaurant’s cliff-top terrace, and you can’t tell how much protection a garment offers just by looking at it.

We test all our fabrics for the Ultraviolet Protection Factor, and the ones that achieve a rating of UPF40+ are labelled. So you don’t need to guess, you can be sure that garments such as the Men’s Isle Shirt, Women’s Voyager Capris, and our Men’s and Women’s Wanderers will provide an extra layer of defence on sunny days, protecting against harmful UV rays as well as keeping you cool and comfortable in the heat.   


UPF 40+ Sun Protection Note

All our garments are tested for their Ultraviolet Protection Factor, and those that achieve a rating of UPF 40+ are noted as protection against UV. Garments awarded a 40+ UPF block 97.5% of UV radiation rating, so for every 40 units of radiation, 39 are blocked and 1 contacts the skin.



Dynamic Moisture Control (DMC)


Clothing with our Dynamic Moisture Control finish dries quicker, keeping you comfortable in the hottest and most humid conditions.

DMC is a wicking treatment that rapidly spreads moisture, such as sweat across the surface area of a garment, encouraging evaporative heat loss. So, whether you’re sightseeing or hiking this summer, DMC means you can spend the day on your feet and still feel just as fresh when you walk into the local pub for dinner as you did when you stepped out the door that morning.

We’ve put DMC to good use across our new collection, with styles such as the Men’s Frontier Shirt, or Women’s Eave Shirt. Offering durable, lightweight protection, whether you’re on a warm-weather expedition, or enjoying every day, active routines.



FreshWay Antimicrobial Technology


No matter the journey, protective clothing needs to stay protective. Which is why we’ve used FreshWay Antimicrobial Technology in the design of products like our Men’s Portreath Shirt and Women’s Marina Top.

FreshWay is a permanent treatment that uses the natural antimicrobial properties of silver to inhibit the growth of bacteria, reducing mould and odour, keeping your clothing fresh. So, throughout your next week-long walking trip, you can trust that your kit will always be ready for you to pull out of your bag and throw on at a moment’s notice.



Durable Water Repellency (DWR)


Our Durable Water Repellency finish forces water droplets to bead up and roll off outer fabric, rather than soaking in to the material. We apply this to our waterproof and shower resistant clothing, making our lightweight and breathable summer collection even more protective.

Because we use DWR in hardwearing styles like our Men’s Antlia Trousers and Men’s and Women’s Tamar Overhead you can continue exploring hilly trails despite any sudden showers.

When we combine DWR with our Barricade Technology it stops the outer fabric from wetting out and maximises breathability, so you can enjoy complete protection from the elements.  



Barricade Standard


Our Barricade Standard technology means there’s no need to even consider cutting your trip short when spring showers inevitably make way for downpours, because Barricade Standard means waterproof, windproof and breathable defence against wet weather.

Although they’re designed with different activities in mind, all our waterproofs are fully seam-sealed, and they’re never graded in terms of how waterproof they are – they’re simply Barricade Standard protection. So, with products such as the Ventus Waterproof Jacket, you only need to think about the style you want to wear, and you can be sure you’ll stay dry in the worst of weathers.  



We use technology and innovation to create all-weather protective clothing that stands the test of time. We know our garments have to work; they have to be tough, and they have to perform for a very long time. After all, the outdoors is a demanding place, and our new Spring/Summer range is testament to this.

Our clothing leaves you free to get on with whatever you love to do, without worrying about what you should wear. To see the full new range, head to any of our stores or have a scroll through our website.