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Upon closer inspection, the fabric used to construct our fleeces work much harder than your ‘normal’ fleece.


To help you understand more about the ways in which our fleeces are working hard, we’ve got a couple of expert words from Alex Delong, the Design Manager here at Rohan.


“We have a broad range of fleeces in our range, and they are all designed for different uses, environments, and preferences. These include stretchy grid fleeces through to merino wool blended fleece jackets and tops. They include a range of features and technologies again depending on use and preference.”


Rohan fleeces are made with a mixture of different fabrics, depending on the fleece and it’s intended purpose. Including a merino wool blend, which can be found in fleeces such as the Radiant Merino Zip Fleece Jacket, the Radiant Merino Crew, and the Radiant Merino Zip Neck. Merino wool is recognised as a 4-season fibre. It’s thermally efficient for all the seasons, meaning that it’ll work to keep you warm during winter chills, or in warmer weather it wicks away moisture, cooling the air between your skin and the fabric. Merino fibres are more flexible, and softly bend when they’re pressed against the skin, giving merino that sought after soft and warm to touch feel.



In Cooler Climates

For more active days in cooler weather, we have fleeces that are the perfect combination of lightweight, warm and stretchy, offering you freedom of movement on your endeavours. Fleeces with Silvadur™ anti-odour technology, have tiny traces of silver added to the fibres of the garment to inhibit the development of microbes that cause mould and odour, keeping you feeling fresh and confident on your adventures – wherever they may take you. Our Komondor Fleece was designed with Polartec® Fleece, which locks in warmth. With gridline fabric running down the sides of the fleece, under the arms, and around the hemline to provide you with optimum heat management and temperature regulation in climates where you need it most.


The Komondor Fleece

The Radiant Merino Jacket


Across All Seasons

We have a range of fleeces that are lightweight, soft brushed and thermally efficient for all the seasons. With a natural crimp, that enables them to do a fantastic job of trapping still air – which is a great insulator and works to provide a tried and tested buffer against the cold. They work to keep you feeling confident and warm when powering up those hills in colder conditions, and in the warmer weather, they work to wick away and evaporate moisture from your skin, while cooling the air between your skin and the fabric. They’re the perfect staple item that you’ll need for all kinds of adventures to come.




As with all our products, Rohan fleeces are packed with all kinds of impressive technologies to make your day-to-day life, or exciting adventures run as smoothly as possible, thanks to clothing that you can always rely on. No matter the weather, terrain, level of activity or what type of journey you’re embarking on, we’ve got your back.


When speaking with our Design Manager, Alex Delong told us that “We also build technologies into our fleece products which makes them perform harder for longer. This can include our anti odour finish, increased stretch for freedom of movement, wicking for moisture management, and also incorporating merino wool into the fabric for a more luxurious hand feel and performance.”


Rohan clothing uses the most advanced fabric technologies. These technologies are hidden and will enable you to thrive in all kinds of conditions, while providing you with pure function and reliability.


When designing fleeces, we always keep our five principles in mind - Protective, Lightweight, Packable, Easy Care and Versatile.


Design Manager, Alex Delong

Alex Delong spoke a bit about some of these principles in more detail, and said:


Lightweight –

“All of our fleeces are designed to give a high warmth to weight ratio. This is done through the fabric construction, composition and also design of the product - right down to the selection of zipper pullers used. With a lighter weight product, you can move freer and more comfortable than you did before.”


Versatile and Easy Care –

“Our fleeces are designed to be used in a multitude of ways and in varying environments. They are engineered so they can be washed and dried at home or on the go. We see you wearing our fleeces all day long, exploring the wilds or rural & urban areas so you need to be able to look after them with minimal effort.”


Packable –

“Making our fleeces lightweight also makes them packable, which is perfect for storage at home but also when travelling. They can be packed down to a low volume which takes up less space and allows you to travel smarter and more efficiently.”


The Komondor Fleece was designed to pack down to a very small size. It has a pack pocket, which allows for stress free packing, and ensures that it won’t take up too much space in your bag.


The dedication that we show to constant innovation within these five areas helps to ensure that our clothing is ready, and able to get through any challenge that you may throw at it. Our fleeces work to protect you from the elements - they’re lightweight so that you can take less and do more on your adventures, they’re packable so that you can pop it in the bottom of your rucksack for when you need that extra layer on your days out, they’re easy to care for and incredibly versatile, making them an absolute wardrobe essential for all sorts of outings.


Rohan fleeces offer all sorts of innovative technologies, from Silvadur™ anti-odour technology to keep you feeling fresh and adventure ready, to fleece lined secure zip pockets to keep your hands warm and your valuables safe.


The Microgrid Fleece Jacket

The Microgrid Fleece Jacket



Our fleeces are ideal for layering and make the perfect mid-layer when you need that extra bit of warmth without all the bulk you may get with other fleeces. The Komondor Fleece has an ideal combination of warmth and breathability, which makes it the perfect mid-layer for days when the temperatures are low.


Pair any of our fleeces with one of our jackets as part of a tried and tested layering system or simply wear it over a base layer on cold and clear days.


Layered up, they’ll keep you warm whilst being breathable and there’s no need to fight with it to fit it into your backpack thanks to their small pack size.