Our Frontier range is equipped with enough features and technology to enable you to explore the furthest regions of the wilderness, while being versatile and stylish enough to be worn around town.


With fabric technologies like Insect Shield®, UPF40+ Sun Protection, Dynamic Moisture Control, and unique design features such as removable pockets, anti-pickpocket zips, and anti-insect cuffs. There’s more to these garments than meets the eye.


In this article you’ll learn all about the unique and exciting features within this range. However, there’s much more to these products than we could fit into just a few features, so if you’d like to explore the full capabilities of these garments, click through to their product pages for the full story.


If you’d like to browse our women’s equivalent, The Savannah Range, click here.

Frontier Jacket

Boasting 9 different pockets, this protective and versatile jacket is packed full of features to enhance and support your travels – from expeditions to everyday adventures.

1 - Removable pocket

This brand-new feature, exclusive to the Frontier Jacket, places a fully removable pocket inside the left chest pocket. Fixed in place with a hook and loop fastening, this pocket can be used to suspend your valuables when you don’t want to keep them on your person. It features webbing loops making attaching your belongings easy and secure.


2 - Large horizontal rear pocket

To store larger items, this jacket features a rear zipped pocket that runs along the width of the jacket. This pocket is great for storing things you might not need close to hand, but still want to bring with you. It is large enough to fit a folded OS map and can also provide additional ventilation if needed.


3 - D-ring with elasticated webbing

Inside the right chest pocket, you’ll find a D-ring attached to a strand of elasticated webbing. This is designed to offer easy attachment options to secure your possessions, both to the webbing and the D-ring.

Frontier Vest

This versatile vest features many of the same features as our Frontier Jacket but in a conveniently lightweight layer. With snap buttons on the central placket for easy fastening and 8 versatile pockets.

1 - Anti-theft zip loops

This new feature can be found across the Frontier range. To create extra security while travelling and enhance your protection from pickpockets, selected zips on these garments feature an anti-theft zip loop. Simply slide the zip under the loop to lock it in place.


2 - Glasses / pen loops

Found across the frontier range, this feature places two vertical loops on either side of the central placket. They can be used to hold things like sunglasses, reading glasses, and pens when you aren’t using them.


3 - D-ring with elasticated webbing

Inside the right chest pocket, you’ll find a D-ring attached to a strand of elasticated webbing. This is designed to offer easy attachment options to secure your possessions, both to the webbing and the D-ring.


Frontier Shirt

With 4 total pockets, a double layer front placket to stop insects from entering, and dry loops conveniently located inside the chest pockets, this protective warm weather shirt is fully equipped for adventure.

1 - Embroidered eyelets on pockets

To allow for airflow and enhance breathability, you’ll find small embroidered eyelets on the pockets of this shirt. These are small enough to let air flow through them, but not large enough to let insects into the pockets.


2 - Pleated design

A pleat placed at the rear of the shirt helps to create shape and encourage airflow while you move. It also gives you added freedom of movement by giving your shoulders and arms more room to move.


3 - Double layered central placket

Taking inspiration from our range of waterproof jackets, this protective feature doubles up the central placket to create a barrier against intruding insects. Found on both the Savannah and Frontier Shirts, this unique design feature further enhances your protection from biting insects.


4 - Snap fastened loops

Inside the two chest pockets, you’ll find two snap fastened loops. These can be used to attach your accessories inside the pocket to keep them secure, or they can be used as a handy hanging point for drying the shirt after washing. This feature is found on both our Savannah and Frontier Shirts.


Frontier Trousers

Designed to provide storage and protection on adventurous expeditions and rural excursions, these versatile trousers are stylish enough to wear around town but built to withstand the wilderness. Featuring 6 pockets, anti-insect mesh cuffs, and anti-pickpocket zip loops.

1 - Expandable hand pockets

These trousers feature a snap button on the hand pockets that allows you to expand the size of the opening to suit your needs. Keep them fastened up to secure what’s inside or expand them out to easily access the pockets.


2 - Scuff tape on hem

To reduce wear over time, both the Frontier and Savannah Trousers feature hard wearing scuff tape on the inside of the hem. This stops the trousers from wearing down from constant abrasion with your footwear.


3 - Tri-ring inside hand pocket

Easily secure your accessories with the Tri-ring found inside the left hand pocket of both the Frontier and Savannah Trousers. Perfect for attaching important items like keys, wallets, or anything else you might want to keep close by.


4 - Hidden zipped pocket

To provide discreet storage while still being easily accessible, there is a hidden secure zipped pocket found inside the right hand pocket of both the Savannah and Frontier Trousers. This pocket sits on the external face of the pocket and is ideal for holding important possessions that you need close to hand.


5 - Anti-insect cuff

Found on both our Savannah and Frontier Trousers, this protective design feature allows you to enhance your defence against insects without changing the look of your trousers. A lightweight mesh cuff inside the trouser hem tucks easily into your socks to create a barrier against unwanted insects.


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