Trouser Guide

Finding the right trousers for you

It is important to ensure that you're wearing the most suitable pair of trousers for the activity or adventure that you are about to take on. Rohan has nearly 50 years of experience designing and producing high quality outdoor and travel trousers. Our Trouser Guide will help you find your perfect pair a bit quicker. So, if you're looking for a pair of trousers for your next hike in the mountains or something comfortable to wear during a long weekend away - we have an excellent pair of trousers for you.

Walking Trousers

We have approaching 50 years of experience designing trousers for walking in the British countryside and there’s nothing better than getting outdoors and enjoying a walk on a local trail. We have a range of walking trousers that will keep you dry in bad weather, cool when the weather is a little warmer and provide you with enough stretch and comfort to keep you on the right track. We have been designing waterproof trousers with a waterproof, breathable dropliners for over 30 years.

Hiking Trousers

When you’re heading out into the hills or mountains it is important to make sure you’re wearing trousers that are up to the challenge and enable you to have an enjoyable day out. Rohan has 50 years of experience designing trousers for hiking and our range is ready for anything the elements can throw at them, leaving you to enjoy your day in the great outdoors. Key features typically include wind-proofing, waterproofing or water-resistance using a Durable Water Repellency treatment. We also use lightweight fabrics, high wicking Dynamic Moisture Control technology, 2 or 4 way stretch materials and security zip pockets.

Outdoor Activities Trousers

From gardening to walking the dog, we have a great range of trousers that cover a number of outdoor activities. Our range of trousers typically use lightweight materials many with stretch woven in – they are high wicking, quick drying and are durable. All are feature heavy, though light in weight and include handy features such as security pockets for your valuables.

Everyday Trousers

We have a fantastic range of everyday trousers that provide plenty of comfort for day to day life. Key features typically include lightweight or stretch fabrics, security zip pockets and protection from elements like the wind and rain using a Durable Water Repellency treatment or our renowned 3-Layer Barricade Standard. So, whether it’s trousers to wear around the house, a weekend away or even an evening out - we have the right pair for you.

Travel Trousers

We started to seriously design for travel in the 1980’s, when we realized that those fabrics that work well on the hill would be perfect for travel, especially the more adventurous and active kind.

When you’re travelling long distances in a car, train or plane it’s important to be wearing the right clothing to keep you comfortable all journey long. Our range of travel trousers utilise stretch or lightweight fabrics to ensure comfort, maneuverability and breathability. Our range also caters to adventures in different climates; including fabrics that have UPF 40+ Sun Protection for a holiday in the sun and Thermolite Pro technology for colder climes. They’re also extremely packable, meaning you can get more into your suitcase or bag.

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