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Updated: 16th October 2023


Finding the perfect pair of trousers

Here at Rohan, we have over 50 years of experience designing and producing high quality trousers for all occasions. It’s important to make sure that you’re wearing the most suitable pair of trousers for all sorts of activities or adventures that you may be planning on.


Our trousers have been designed to suit several activities. From hilltop walking and lakeside strolling, to city breaks and evening dining. Each pair is built on our five principles: protective, lightweight, packable, easy care and versatile.


In this guide, we’re giving you all the information you need to make sure you pick the perfect pair of outdoor or travel trousers.


We have a range of trousers to suit your every need; from waterproofs to keep you dry, and insulation to stay warm in the cooler climates, to lightweight fabrics and fantastic technologies that keep you cool and comfortable in warmer weather. D-rings on some of our more popular trousers mean that you can easily attach items to the outside of the trousers for you to reach for when you’re busy climbing.


Men's Navy Walking Trousers
Women's Black Walking Trousers


Walking Trousers

If you’re passionate about walking and enjoy setting off on new woodland paths or trails, we have plenty of experience, and expert knowledge about designing high-performance and technical trousers for walking. There’s nothing better than getting outdoors and enjoying your surroundings, with complete confidence in your gear.


We have a range of walking trousers that will keep you feeling adventure ready. Providing you with enough stretch and comfort to keep you on the right track. We’ve been designing waterproof trousers with waterproof, breathable drop-liners for over 30 years. So, come rain or shine we have trousers that are suitable for any journey.


Man and Woman wearing Rohan Walking Trousers whilst walking in the countryside


Hiking Trousers

When you’re venturing out into the hills or mountains, it’s important to make sure that you’re wearing trousers that are up to the challenge and enable you to have an enjoyable day out.


When designing trousers for hiking, we consider the elements that you may face, the terrain and the level of activity that you’ll be engaging in. We aim to make our trousers as durable, and functional as possible. Offering you versatility, and enough pockets and technologies to ensure that your trip will be as easy going as possible. When you’re scrambling up the last stretch of the climb, ergonomic panelling in some of our trousers provides stretch and extra durability in the areas needed to be sure that you get to the top unrestricted.


Key features typically include wind proofing, waterproofing and water resistance, using our Durable Water Repellency Treatment (DWR). We also use lightweight fabrics, high-wicking Dynamic Moisture Control (DMC) technology, security zip pockets and 2, or 4 way stretch materials.


Man and woman wearing Rohan Hiking Trousers, using hiking poles on a hike in Norway


Outdoor Activity Trousers

We have a diverse range of trousers that are fantastic for all your outdoor activities. Whether you’re doing a bit of gardening, walking the dog or popping to the shops, we’ve got the ideal pair of trousers.


Rohan trousers for outdoor activities are typically made from materials that are lightweight. Many pairs will have stretch woven in, and they’re high wicking, durable and quick drying. In true Rohan fashion, all our outdoor trousers are packed with impressive features and technologies, so that you can make the most out of your day.


Man and woman wearing Rohan Walking Trousers whilst riding bicycles


Everyday Trousers

We have a fantastic range of trousers that are perfect for everyday use, no matter where your day may take you. They have been designed with practicality and comfort in mind, while providing you with some of the technologies that we’re renown for. Whether it’s a day spent around the house or visiting your local National Trust Gardens for a stroll – our trousers will ensure that your day-to-day activities can be completed in comfort. For those days when you need to pop to the shops or have an evening meal planned, you can do so in style without losing the comfort or practicality with our everyday trousers.


Key features typically include lightweight, or stretch fabrics, durability and security zip pockets. Our Barricade Standard and Durable Water Repellency treatment is applied to provide you with tried and tested protection from the elements that you’re likely to encounter across your day-to-day routine and travels, providing you with a breathable and versatile pair of trousers that can get you through it all, no matter the weather.


Man and woman wearing Rohan Jeans whilst walking through a town


Travel Trousers

We began seriously designing for travel in the 1980’s, when we started to realise that fabrics that work well on the hills would also be perfect for travel.


When you’re travelling long distances in a car, on a train or by plane, the most important requirement is to be wearing clothing that will keep you comfortable all journey long. At Rohan, our range of travel trousers utilise stretch, or lightweight fabrics to ensure comfort, manoeuvrability, and breathability. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible, so if you decide that want to curl up and sleep on that long-haul flight, it won’t be what you’re wearing that restricts you.


As with all our trousers, our travel range caters to the adventures that you’ll be heading off on. We utilise fabrics that have UPF 40+ sun protection, for your trip in the sunshine, or Thermolite Pro technology, for adventures in colder climates. They’re extremely packable, so you’ll get more into your suitcase or bag. Zipped secure pockets allow you to store valuables close by without the worry of losing anything important and tri-ring attachments on the inside of pockets create a place for you to clip your keys to, for easy accessibility. Dynamic Moisture Control is applied to some of our fabrics, which allows the fabric to quickly wick away moisture and spread it over a wide surface. Our range of travel trousers are designed with simplicity yet practicality in mind.


Man and woman wearing Rohan insulated jeans whilst walking in a Nordic City


Our goal is to create trousers that are ready to take on anything, leaving you to enjoy your day in the great outdoors. So, if you’re looking for a pair of trousers for your next hike in the mountains, or something comfortable to wear during a long weekend away exploring a new city or even during day-to-day activities at home – we have an excellent pair of trousers for the occasion.