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As a British outdoor and travel brand, we understand unpredictable weather. We design our clothing so that you can move comfortably in changeable conditions, whether the storm hits while you’re wandering the footpaths close to home or exploring further afield. We make sure all our kit is ready to tackle whatever the weather brings, so you can always adventure in complete confidence.


The Rohan Waterproof Barricade Standard

The Rohan Barricade Standard provides you with waterproof, windproof and breathable protection from the elements.


From an insulated shield against the wet, icy winter, which allows you to continue venturing out through the colder seasons, to a lightweight shell that’s ready for scrambling adventures in the damp and drizzle, just look for the Barricade logo and feel good in the knowledge that we have the waterproof you need for whatever journey you’re planning.


Three key areas determine our Barricade Standard:


1 - Membrane water resistance
2 - Membrane breathability
3 - Garment construction


This means all our waterproofs must be able to stop a 20,000mm column of water entering through the fabric whilst allowing 20,000g/m2/24hr of water vapour to leave. Our base 20,000mm rating is over ten times the British standard for waterproofing, and our waterproofs also use polyurethane membranes and are fully seam sealed. So, whether you’re wearing one of our lightest waterproof jackets with natural stretch for a weekend of active hiking, or a longer-length style to protect you from any downpours on your way to dinner, you’re guaranteed to stay dry.


For further protection, we treat our waterproofs with a Durable Water Repellency (DWR) finish, which forces water droplets to run off the outside of the fabric. This helps to maintain breathability in challenging conditions, from long dog walks in humid spring showers to power walks in pouring rain. This is waterproof clothing designed to stand up to the most inclement weather.


We offer the perfect waterproof for every activity, by applying our class-leading Barricade Standard to four distinct construction methods:


2-Layer Barricade        

The 2-Layer construction means the water-repellent outer fabric and the PU hydrophilic membrane are bonded together, with a loose lining like mesh or fleece attached to protect the membrane from the inside, and to provide extra comfort. These waterproofs are particularly versatile, ranging from tough, all-season shells to lightweight summer outer layers.


Among our waterproofs equipped with the 2-Layer Barricade Standard are the Brecon Jacket and the Farne Jacket. When you’re exploring the hills or further afield, these jackets are a great addition to keep you feeling protected and comfortable all day long, without compromising on style.


Red Waterproof Jacket Fabric Detail with 2-Layer Barricade Label


2.5-Layer Barricade

Jackets with a 2.5-Layer construction are our lightest, fully waterproof garments – the perfect choice for your backpack or for keeping dry on your more active adventures. The water-repellent outer fabric and the PU hydrophilic membrane are bonded together and then protected by a print, forming our lightest, fully waterproof garments.


Our 2.5-Layer Barricade allows our jackets such as the Greenwich mid-length Jacket, and the Parkland Jacket to withstand even the harshest rainfall. Ideal for wet days exploring the countryside or city, you’ll be sure to stay dry in any wet weather, making them a great go-to jacket when it’s looking a bit grey out.


Waterproof Jacket Blue Pocket with 2.5-Layer Barricade Label


3-Layer Barricade

Our 3-Layer waterproofs are crafted with the water-repellent outer fabric, the PU hydrophilic membrane and a protective liner bonded together to form a single element. They’re lightweight whilst maintaining durability and protection, designed for layering up when you’re on the move.


Make the most of our 3-Layer Barricade with the Ventus Jacket. This tough yet breathable jacket was designed to give you complete protection across 3-seasons. You can defy the elements, without giving a second thought to what you’re wearing and explore in a protective, durable jacket that’s engineered to shield you from inclement weather.


Waterproof Jacket Inside Pocket Detail with 3-Layer Barricade Label


Drop-Liner Barricade

The Drop-Liner construction means a waterproof inner fabric is stitched to a non-waterproof outer fabric, so we can use a wide range of face fabrics and make your waterproof walking trousers look just like an every-day pair. This is versatile clothing for urban environments as well as the countryside.

Some of our trousers equipped with our Drop-Liner Barricade include Dry District Chinos and Dry Rangers.


Our Dry District Chinos utilise the Drop-Liner Barricade to transform from a normal looking pair of chinos, to a reliable waterproof trouser, allowing you to go from city exploration on wet wintry days, to dining in a country pub. Our Dry Rangers are a stylish pair of cargos with added weatherproofing, designed to keep you comfortable and dry in stormy weather.


Both are great additions to your next wet weather adventure, enabling you to continue about your day, unbothered by the weather forecast.


Dry Chinos Waist with Drop-Liner Barricade Label


We truly have a waterproof for every activity. Read more on how to care for your waterproof with our Waterproof Care Guide. To delve deeper into our waterproofing, take a look at our Proof of Knowledge article with our in-house waterproof expert, Craig Lees.


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