As a British outdoor Brand, we know British weather all too well and design our kit and clothing around its unpredictable nature. We ensure each piece is ready to tackle whatever the weather brings so that you can adventure on in comfort.

We have developed the Barricade standard which gives you reassurance of a high level of protection and breathability in Rohan waterproof garments. Look for the Barricade logo on the product, swing ticket, on the website or in our printed materials.

Each of our waterproofs must meet our Barricade Standard, meaning they’ll stop a 20,000mm column of water entering whilst allowing 20,000g/m2/24hr of water vapour to leave. Our base 20,000mm rating is over ten times the British standard for waterproofing meaning you’ll stay dry, all day.

Three key areas determine the Barricade Standard:

1. Membrane Water Resistance

2. Membrane Breathability

3. Garment Construction.

To achieve this standard, all our waterproofs use polyurethane membranes and are fully seam sealed.

For further protection, our waterproofs are treated with a Durable Water Repellency finish, which forces water droplets to run off the outside of the fabric, helping to maintain its breathability in challenging conditions when you need it most – it’s ideal for those British downpours.

We apply our class-leading Barricade Standard to four distinct construction methods to offer the perfect waterproof for every use and defined in the guide below:

2-Layer Construction

The 2-Layer construction by definition means that the waterproof fabric of the garment has two layers. With our 2-Layer construction method, the water-repellent outer fabric and the PU hydrophilic membrane are bonded together. In addition, a loose lining protects the membrane from the inside.

This loose lining of material depends on the type of garment and could range from a mesh or a fleece lining for your comfort when wearing the garment. This 2-Layer construction is particularly versatile and can be found throughout our range of waterproofs.

2.5-Layer Construction

Our 2.5-Layer construction method has the water-repellent outer fabric and the PU hydrophilic membrane bonded together and then protected by a print. This added 0.5 of a layer helps to keep you comfortable and the membrane protected.

Jackets with a 2.5-Layer construction are our lightest, fully waterproof garments and are the perfect choice for your pack or short walks where you need to stay dry.

3-Layer Construction

Our 3-Layer construction method has the water-repellent outer fabric, the PU hydrophilic membrane and a protective liner bonded together to form a single element.

As a result, these jackets and trousers are lightweight whilst maintaining great durability. They’re perfect for layering up, when you're on the move, or when you’re carrying a pack and want to stay out for longer.

Drop-Liner Construction

The Drop-Liner construction means that the garment has a non-waterproof outer fabric with a waterproof inner fabric that is stitched to the garment.

Garments designed with our Drop-Liner allow us to use a wider range of face fabrics so your waterproof walking trousers can look just like your regular ones and your waterproof jacket can protect you all day without looking like you’ve just stepped off the hill.

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