When the racing stops when the racing stops

When the racing stops
Greyhound rescue and adoption in Shropshire, Cheshire and North Wales.

Hector’s Greyhound Rescue is a charity devoted to saving and rehoming ex-racing greyhounds and other sighthounds. They rely totally on the support of volunteers and donations.

Hector’s Greyhound Rescue built and opened their own dedicated kennels for rescued greyhounds and other sighthounds in March 2019. Hector’s kennels were purpose-built around the needs of ex-racing greyhounds. The dogs are rehabilitated and carefully assessed here before they become available for adoption. This ensures that when they are adopted, they are placed in the right forever home with a perfect match for both the greyhound and their new owner.

Greyhounds are regal and loving creatures. They are calm and quiet. They enjoy a hug and are very easy on a lead. Of course, racing greyhounds were taught to chase little furry things, which means you have to look out for small dogs walking off their lead, and sighting a squirrel often results in some excitement. Greyhounds can, however, become part of a home that includes other smaller dogs or even cats.

It’s not unusual for a grey to sleep 18 hours a day! Mind you, if you open a biscuit tin on the other side of the house, they will be sure to give up their rest to investigate. A typical daily exercise regime for a greyhound consists of two twenty to thirty minute walks each day. Greyhounds are the quintessential lap dogs and love nothing more than curling up on something soft.

Hector’s Galgos

Spanish Galgos are sighthounds very similar to racing greyhounds, but usually smaller in size. They are bred and used by hunters in rural areas. At the end of the hunting season, countless Galgos are abandoned or disposed of, having lived their short lives in atrocious conditions, starved of food, care and affection.

Hector’s Galgos have all been neutered, vaccinated and tested for Mediterranean diseases before coming to the UK. They have also all been thoroughly health checked. Like all sighthounds, they’re very fast and agile. They need slightly more exercise than a greyhound.

Please do your own research before you consider adopting. Many of these dogs have been treated so badly already, it is vital that their new UK home is understanding, loving and forever. These gorgeous dogs need gentle socialisation and reassurance. With patience and understanding, you will be rewarded with a fabulous, loyal family pet.

Greyhounds have been described as 45mph couch potatoes. That’s because although they are able to run at great speeds, they prefer to recline and reflect. If you think human teenagers can sleep, wait until you see a greyhound’s schedule.

Hector’s Greyhound Rescue

Greyhound rescue and adoption in Shropshire, Cheshire and North Wales.

Hector’s Greyhound Rescue is made up of a dedicated group of volunteers who devote their time to saving and rehoming ex-racing greyhounds, lurchers and other sighthounds.

You can find out more by visiting hectorsgreyhoundrescue.org or by calling 01691 657212

Hayley Bradley

Charity Founder

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