Our clothes are designed to help you thrive in harsh winter conditions. Using the technology below, you can cultivate your own personal micro climate while you explore the winter landscape. From protecting you from the rain to keeping you warm in the cold – explore the technology used in our range of winter clothing.  


Rohan Waterproof Winter Technology Symbol



Rohan waterproofs are designed to be durable, breathable, and of course, completely waterproof. The waterproof capacity of a garment is measured in mm. Our Barricade Standard ensures our clothes perform at 20,000mm minimum, which is more than 10x the British standard for waterproofs. Because of this, our waterproofs are also completely windproof – eliminating the issue of windchill on winter walks.


For high level trekking in heavy rain, we recommend our Ventus Jacket. 

For hiking and exploring in wet weather, we recommend our Brecon Jacket. 

For travelling and wandering around town in rainy conditions, we recommend our Farne Jacket.


Rohan Technology Winter Durable Water Repellency Symbol


Durable Water Repellency

This advanced treatment is applied to the outer fabric of our range of waterproof and water-resistant clothing. It works to force water droplets to bead up and roll off the outside of the garment rather than soaking through. On its own, it effectively protects you from light showers and splashes. When combined with our Barricade technology it provides complete protection. It also reduces the chance of the fabric wetting out, which can impede the breathability of the garment.


For trousers that will protect you in unexpected light showers, we recommend our Glen Cargo Trousers and our Striders. 

For jackets that will protect you in unexpected light showers, we recommend our Fjell Jacket. 


Rohan Technology Winter Cold Protection Symbol


Cold Protection

When temperatures drop, you can rely on our clothes that carry our Cold Protection icon. From merino base layers to fleece lined walking trousers – the clothes in this range are specifically designed to offer increased protection from the cold. Maximise your insulation level by ensuring that all of your layers are working to keep you warm.


For comfort and warmth while exploring, we recommend our Komondor Fleece. 

For protection from the cold while wandering around town, we recommend our Radiant Merino Jacket. 

For trousers to help protect you from the cold while hiking, we recommend our Winter Stretch Bags. 

For trousers that provide comfort and warmth while wandering around town, we recommend our Winter District Chino.


Rohan Technology Winter Synthetic Insulation Symbol


Synthetic Insulation

Designed to be lightweight, breathable, and warm – our Insuloft synthetic insulation provides practical protection against the cold during active adventures. Made from advanced synthetic wadding, this fast drying and durable insulation is the ideal choice for staying warm without adding weight to your outfit. Synthetic insulation also manages to retain its warmth while wet, making it perfect for exploring in wet conditions.


For staying warm on active hikes and trekking, we recommend our Helios Jacket. 

For staying warm while wandering around town, we recommend our Rime Jacket.


Rohan Technology Winter Hydrophobic Down Symbol


Hydrophobic Down

Down clusters possess a remarkable ability to trap air due to their intricate structure and composition. These clusters consist of numerous tiny filaments that radiate outward, creating a three-dimensional network of interconnected air pockets. These pockets function as insulation barriers by effectively trapping and containing air. Our hydrophobic down builds upon the natural properties of traditional down while addressing one of its limitations: its vulnerability to moisture. 


For staying warm on high level hikes in very cold conditions, we recommend our Eos Jacket. 

For staying warm while wandering around town, we recommend our Delta Jacket and Delta Coat.


Men's Delta Jacket and Women's Alvei Coat

Down Insulation vs Synthetic Insulation

Choosing the right insulation for you


When buying an insulated jacket, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. Choosing the right jacket for you will depend on a variety of factors, so it’s worth asking yourself a few questions to narrow down exactly what you need. How cold will the conditions be? Is there a chance of rain? What type of activity are you planning?


The most important decision you will need to make on your journey to buy an insulated jacket, is whether you need down insulation or synthetic insulation.


View the full Down vs Synthetic Insulation Guide here.