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Gift Your Gear

Give your old kit a new lease of life. 


Since 2012, our Gift Your Gear initiative has helped countless charities and organisations to provide outdoor clothing to those less fortunate. By encouraging you to part ways with your pre-loved gear, we can extend a helping hand to underprivileged communities, and offer you an exclusive discount on Rohan clothing to refresh your wardrobe.  


Rather than relegating your old outdoor gear to the dark corners of your garage or wardrobe, Gift Your Gear encourages you to consider the power of donating. By contributing to Gift Your Gear, you're contributing to a cycle of sustainability that helps to stop unnecessary waste and gives back to the communities that really need it. 


But it's not just about the gear. The heart of this initiative lies in its ability to connect communities and bridge the gap between outdoor enthusiasts from all walks of life. Your donated gear finds its way into the hands of charitable organizations and groups striving to bring the joy of the outdoors to those who might otherwise miss out. By donating your gear, you're directly impacting lives and enabling unforgettable experiences. 


Our Gift Your Gear Initiative has now ended for 2023.

As you consider the next chapter for your well-worn gear, remember the stories it holds and the stories it can create for others. Gift Your Gear is more than an initiative – it's an embodiment of the spirit of sharing, redefining the way we engage with our gear and our global community. We will be accepting donations again in 2024.

GYG Donation Box in a Rohan Shop
Groups of Children Wearing Gift Your Gear Donation Clothing on an Expedition
Girl from Essex Boys and Girls Clubs Wearing Gift Your Gear Donations Whilst in a Cave Expedition
Group of Walkers from Walking for Wellbeing Wearing Gift Your Gear Donations

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