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Gift Your Gear initiative

Declutter. Donate. Change Lives.

Since 2012, Gift Your Gear has helped donate over 195,000 outdoor garments, across 650+ inspiring projects, helping 5000+ individuals get outdoors.

The time has come to gather all your old kit as we will collect your pre-loved, usable outdoor clothing from 28th October 2021. Please do not send in kit before this date.

As part of our Rohan Gift your Gear initiative, we collect kit from any outdoor brand, not just Rohan, and then distribute your donations to charities and organisations throughout the UK. This is because we understand the importance of how the outdoors benefits both mental health and physical well-being.

What do we accept? We accept clean and undamaged garments such as waterproofs, warm jackets, fleeces, walking trousers, technical base layers, winter accessories like hats, scarves, gloves, and outdoor children’s wear. We also accept usable rucksacks, hiking boots and wellies.

Is any kit excluded? Yes. We do not accept underwear, sleeping bags, tents, camping, climbing, snow sports or water sports equipment. In addition, donated clothing must be clean and not in need of repair. It’s the excuse you didn’t know you needed to start decluttering.

For more details of how you can donate your kit either instore or online, please revisit this page on the 27th October for full details of how to donate your old kit.

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