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Gift Your Gear

Give your old kit a new lease of life 


At Rohan, we believe that old kit should be repurposed and given a new life. The idea of extending the life of outdoor kit that’s no longer needed, by donating it to those with a need for good quality kit became obvious. 

We set up our Gift Your Gear Initiative in 2012 and have since helped countless charities and organisations to provide outdoor clothing to those less fortunate. By encouraging you to donate your pre-loved gear, we can extend a helping hand to communities that need it.

We know that not having access to the right kit can be a barrier to getting outside and experiencing the mental and physical benefits that come along with participating in activities out in the open air. Our Gift Your Gear Initiative makes getting outdoors more accessible and prolongs the life of your outdoor clothing in the process.

But it’s not just about the gear. The heart of this initiative lives in its ability to connect communities and bridge the gap between outdoor enthusiasts from all walks of life. Your donated gear finds its way into the hands of charitable organisations and groups, striving to bring the joy of the outdoors to those who might otherwise miss out. By donating your gear with us, you’re directly impacting lives and enabling unforgettable experiences.  


Look out for our next round of Gift Your Gear. Coming soon.

As you consider the next chapter for your well-loved gear, remember the stories they hold and the stories they can create for others. Gift Your Gear is more than an initiative. It’s an embodiment of the spirit of sharing, redefining the way we engage with our gear and our community. Our donation window is currently closed, but we thank everyone who took the time to donate at one of our stores. Your preloved kit makes a huge difference to each of our beneficiaries.

GYG Donation Box in a Rohan Shop
Groups of Children Wearing Gift Your Gear Donation Clothing on an Expedition
Girl from Essex Boys and Girls Clubs Wearing Gift Your Gear Donations Whilst in a Cave Expedition
Group of Walkers from Walking for Wellbeing Wearing Gift Your Gear Donations


Making a difference couldn’t be easier 

Rather than relegating your outdoor gear to the dark corners of your storage space, Gift Your Gear encourages you to consider the power of donating. By contributing to Gift Your Gear, you’re contributing to a cycle of sustainability that helps to stop unnecessary waste. We’ll also give you an exclusive discount on Rohan clothing when you drop off a donation in store, so that you can refresh your wardrobe.

Your donations help to ensure that individuals who may have never had the opportunity before, get to have enjoyable experiences in the outdoors.


How to donate 

Getting your donations to us is simple. You can bring your kit to any Rohan store to send it off on its next outdoor adventure. We have over 50 shops nationwide – find your nearest store here.

To find out when we are next collecting donations, we encourage you to sign up to our mailing list by clicking here. You can also stay updated on our Gift Your Gear initiative through our social media channels: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.



What can I donate?

If you have any outdoor kit that is clean and useable, then we’d love to take it off your hands and pass it over to our beneficiaries. We accept clothing from any brand and in any style. Our most requested items are things like warm jackets, walking shoes, waterproofs, and children’s walking kit. We also accept fleeces, walking trousers, base layer tops and t-shirts, winter accessories, and rucksacks. All these items are really useful and make a huge difference to our beneficiaries.


Is there any kit I can’t donate?

We cannot accept any outdoor equipment such as camping gear, climbing gear, and any other sport specific equipment. We also can’t accept items such as underwear, sleeping bags, or any clothing that is unclean or in need of repair. These items will not be accepted in store and cannot be used to redeem the 15% discount.

Our 2023 Beneficiaries

Venture Scotland, Under One Sky, KitSquad, People's Kitchen, Essex Boys and Girls Clubs, Youth Adventure Trust, Ten Tors, Oasis Academy, 1st Wythenshawe Scout Group, Age UK, Barnardo's, and Crisis.


Previous beneficiaries include: Harrow Carers, Lancashire Wildlife Trust, Plymouth Soup Run, The Conservations Volunteers, Green Guardians, Green Light Trust, Northbourne Youth Initiative, Walk Talk Action, Let’s Grow Preston, Help a Squaddie, Walking for Wellbeing, Blackpool Carers Centre.



With your help in 2023, not only were countless young people able to get out and experience the great outdoors without barriers, but an untold number of underprivileged people were provided with warm clothes, backpacks, and shoes.


We sent out an impressive 1,282 boxes packed full of clothing. To put that into perspective that’s;


- Taller than 2 of the Empire State Building,

- Almost as tall as Snowdon,
- Stacked up, you’d need 8 of the Big Ben to reach the same height



Take a look at the articles below to discover the impact Gift Your Gear has on our beneficiaries:


The Past Year of Gift Your Gear

By opting to donate outdoor clothing you’re providing that extra bit of support to organisations in ensuring their participants can enjoy safe, valuable outdoor experiences. We look at how our beneficaries have put your preloved kit to use over the past year.


"Keeping warm and dry in the winter is hard so having waterproof trousers, jackets, good boots, and rucksacks has really made a difference."


Read the full article 'The Past Year of Gift Your Gear' here.



Venture Scotland

Venture Scotland recognises the many benefits that being outdoors can have on our mental health and wellbeing, and they implement this into the support they offer. They run a long-term, outdoor based personal development programme for individuals aged 16-30, who may be struggling to cope with mental health issues, past traumas, or homelessness.


"With your help, we've now got kit that young people can keep long after their time with Venture Scotland ends; supporting the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts for every journey!"


Read the full article 'A Fresh Perspective on Life' here.



Essex Boys and Girls Clubs

Essex Boys and Girls Clubs work with young people aged 11-25, that come from the most deprived parts of Essex and East London. Staff and volunteers work to enable young people to reach their full potential, whilst furthering their development and education in the process. They aim to meet this goal by providing a range of activities, adventures, and challenges in the great outdoors, to help prove what they’re capable of.


"We have received over the years all manner of clothing which has really been beneficial. Boots, rucksacks, every item of clothing that you can imagine."


Read the full article 'A Growing Network of Like-Minded Organisations' here.




  • What can I donate?

    We accept clean and useable outdoor kit from any outdoor clothing brand that does not require any repairs. This includes items of clothing such as waterproofs, warm jackets, fleeces, walking trousers, t-shirts, shirts, winter accessories and children’s outdoor kit. We also accept useable backpacks, walking boots, and wellies. Please check and empty your pockets before dropping off any donations.

  • Where can I donate?

    When our Gift Your Gear initiative starts again this Autumn, you will be able to donate at any Rohan store. Find your nearest store here.

  • Is anything excluded?

    Unfortunately, we cannot accept donations of outdoor equipment e.g. gear used for camping, climbing, snow sports, or water sports etc. We also cannot accept any underwear, or clothing that is unclean or in need of repairs.

  • How will my donations be used?

    Donations are sorted through in our warehouse and sent over to our beneficiaries. Our beneficiaries will then distribute the kit to their participants and staff as they see fit. These donations help them to continue offering their services and running outdoor activities while properly kitted out.

  • What organisations are benefitting from this year’s donations?
    Charities supporting those experiencing homelessness:

    These organisations work to transform lives by supporting homeless and vulnerable people. Working to fight hunger and loneliness, assisting people as they find ways out of homelessness.

    Charities supporting older people:

    Providing support, companionship, and advice to help older people love later life.

    Charities supporting young people:

    These organisations protect, support, and nurture children and young people. Working to help young people to realise their potential, using a mix of outdoor activities and adventures and 1:1 support to empower vulnerable individuals, improving mental health and emotions.

    Schools, Clubs, and Other:

    A mix of organisations which gather donated outdoor clothing and pass it onto low-income individuals and organise outdoor activities and trips for their students to face challenges, work as teams, and make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

  • What organisations has Gift Your Gear helped before?

    Previous beneficiaries include:

    Make (Good) Trouble, The Leg Up Project, The Springboard Project, Venture Scotland, Under One Sky, KitSquad, People's Kitchen, Essex Boys and Girls Clubs, Youth Adventure Trust, Ten Tors, Oasis Academy, 1st Wythenshawe Scout Group, Age UK, Barnardo's, Crisis, Harrow Carers, Lancashire Wildlife Trust, Plymouth Soup Run, The Conservations Volunteers, Green Guardians, Green Light Trust, Northbourne Youth Initiative, Walk Talk Action, Let’s Grow Preston, Help a Squaddie, Walking for Wellbeing, Blackpool Carers Centre.
  • How can my organisation register as a beneficiary?

    Applications are open! To register your interest in our Gift Your Gear initiative, please get in touch with our team at

  • What are the benefits?

    Beneficiaries: Becoming a Gift Your Gear beneficiary doesn’t just mean receiving boxes of donated outdoor clothing from Rohan customers. We build lasting partnerships with our beneficiaries and work to support you and your participants in enjoying the outdoors, with the right kit.

    Customers: Donating your preloved outdoor clothing helps the planet, by keeping wearable clothing out of landfills and passing onto someone that will give it a brand new lease of life.

  • What happens after I register?

    When you register your interest in becoming a beneficiary on behalf of your organisation, you enter an approval process. A member of our Gift Your Gear team will review your application and contact you withing 3 business days.

    If you have any questions in the meantime, you can contact us at

  • I need help with the beneficiary request form.

    When filling in the beneficiary donations request form, the quantity reflects the number of boxes you wish to receive for each category of clothing. Each box is filled with as much kit as we can fit inside. The number of garments in each box will vary depending on the bulk of the kit. E.g. we can fit more legwear or base layers in a box, than we can jackets, footwear, and bags.

Still have a query regarding Gift Your Gear? Get in touch with our team at