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Putting the Eos Jacket to the test

From Buckinghamshire to Shetland

Karen Williams, our Product Director, tells us about her experience testing our new Eos Jacket in the wild and unpredictable weather of Britains most northern islands.


"On that night watching the northern lights, I didn’t once consider the cold, even though in reality, it must have been nearly freezing. We aim to make products that you can put on, go out, and have your adventures without even considering the weather."


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Tackle cold weather with ease in the Eos Jacket. Designed for active days in the hills, this down jacket will keep you as warm as possible without adding weight to your walk. Incredibly lightweight, adjustable, and comfortable. Experience unrestricted movement and explore even on the coldest days.


Find your inner warmth when exploring your favourite towns and cities


Heading out for a winter walk? Browse our range of thermally efficient outdoor and travel clothing, designed to provide you with comfort, warmth and functionality across the winter season.  
Don’t let the cold weather hold you back from enjoying time outdoors.



Down vs Synthetic Insulation

When buying an insulated jacket, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. Choosing the right jacket for you will depend on a variety of factors, so it’s worth asking yourself a few questions to narrow down exactly what you need. How cold will the conditions be? Is there a chance of rain? What type of activity are you planning?


The most important decision you will need to make on your journey to buy an insulated jacket, is whether you need down insulation or synthetic insulation.


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Introducing the Rohan Insulation Guides

Whether you’re off for a light amble in the hills or tackling some more challenging terrain – The Rohan Insulation Guides will help you select the perfect gear for every adventure.


The columns represent where the garment will perform at its best - the darker the colour, the more suited it will be to that environment.


Here is our insulation guide for the down-insulated Eos Jacket, which is designed for active days in the hills.


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Safe Winter Walking

The winter weather shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a hike, walk, or ramble through the countryside. The winter landscape holds some stunning sights for all levels of outdoor enthusiasts, but it’s essential to make sure that you’re fully prepared for your cold-weather adventures. 

Alan Ward and Helen Menhinick are highly knowledgeable and experienced Mountain Leaders who have been kind enough to offer some tips to help keep your winter adventures safe and enjoyable. 


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Winter Technology Guide

Create your own personal Micro Climate

Our clothes are designed to help you thrive in harsh winter conditions. Using the technology below, you can cultivate your own personal micro climate while you explore the winter landscape. From protecting you from the rain to keeping you warm in the cold – explore the technology used in our range of winter clothing.


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