Ashridge Ascent Walk
An Autumn Walk with Craig Avison-Maher

Ashridge Ascent Walk
As part of our half term break my wife and I visited the beautiful Ashridge Estate. We love walking around this National Trust location as there are so many different trails and many beautiful views. We often see deer running through the forest. It also happens that I proposed to the lovely wife 4 years ago at this time of year on this estate.

This visit was a very wet one, it was dark, grey and did not stop drizzling with the odd rain shower. This was my first trip here with my Rohan gear; I had my Bags, Phase Zip Top and an Ascent jacket on. We walked for 3 hours. Up hill, down hill, in open land and under beautiful autumn canopies. We found ourselves walking through sloshy mud, crunching through autumnal blankets and then over mobility suitable pathways. Racking up about 12,000 steps, all before lunch time!

Throughout the entire walk I was very comfortable, for once sweat and overheating was not a problem! Even my wife was impressed by how not grumpy I was by the end of the walk. To finish off the trip we did a quick loop of their bat trail. The National Trust had put up signs identifying the different species of bats that they have at Ashridge, and what makes them unique. Along this trail we got to see different bug hotels and habitats, we also got to see the trunk of an oak tree that is 400 years old. 

I was very impressed by the breathability and comfort of the Phase Zip Top, although I probably would have needed something thicker if it was a few degrees colder. The Ascent Jacket was great; it kept the wind and rain out. The balling up of water droplets looked exactly like the photos. The inner pack pocket was perfect for my beanie which was on and off with the weather and terrain changes. All in all a very pleasant autumn morning walk, which we topped off with a breakfast bap and coffees to go from the on site cafe.

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