Rohan’s Spring/Summer 2022 Colour Story

Hearing from our Design Team about how they kept our customers in mind when they chose the colour palettes for our Spring/Summer 2022 range.

So much work goes into every Rohan product, it’s all done with our customers in mind. We spend a lot of time on every aspect of a garment, from technologies such as Durable Water Repellency (DWR) and Dynamic Moisture Control (DMC), to details such as buttons, security pockets and poppers. None of these decisions are made quickly. Hazel from our Marketing team recently sat down with our Design Team to talk about the colour palettes for our Spring Summer 2022 range, which they started working on in 2020.

For our Designers, Spring Summer 2022 can be split into two clear sections – Outdoor and Travel. These sections have their own colour palettes, each of which has been created with our customers and the journeys they make in our clothing in mind. Because the colours in our range don’t just need to fit the fabrics we use, they also need to blend in with the surroundings in which they’ll be worn.

Outdoor colour palette

Men's Fjell Vapour in Olive Green

 As with all our planning, the development of our Outdoor range started with feedback from our customers. Our Design Team are keen to know how and where the clothing they design is being worn, they used this information as the starting point for the colour palettes of Spring/Summer 2022. We know our customers love to explore the UK. We know that a variety of temperatures and terrains can be crossed on a day out in both towns and countryside. It’s the activities you get up to in the great outdoors in UK spring/summer time that influenced the colours of this collection.

While working on our Spring/Summer 2022 Outdoor clothing, our Designers created a customer journey. They sketched out a day trip one of our customers might take, the sights they would see and the environments they would experience, and let this be the main influence to the Outdoor colour palette.

The day starts with low-level walking, maybe from a small town that you’ve travelled to, across open fields and lakeside paths. The temperature is cool and the colours here are rich, classic greens and blues that reflect the grass, trees and water you walk past as you make your way towards the start of an incline.

Women's Stretch Microgrid Zip Neck in Horizon Blue

As you move to the hills, the colours start to change. While there’s still blue in the sky, the ground beneath your feet is more rocky than grass-covered, and the dominant colours become dusty reds and browns. Less trees mean you’re more exposed, but it’s not too cold, although another layer will probably be needed when you reach the summit of the hill and break to have lunch and to take in your surroundings.

The path back down takes you towards the sea, where the colours change again. The navy and red tones you might see on wooden rowing boats and beach umbrellas take over here, and while the sea is an inviting shade of bright blue, the cold water and strong breeze remind you you’re still in the UK.

The walk back to your starting point is done at a slow pace, as the temperature starts to drop and you again make your way through the fields, re-introducing shades of leafy greens. We all enjoy exploring the outdoors, and the colour palette of our Spring/Summer 2022 Outdoor range has been created with exactly that in mind. So, you know that the clothes you’re wearing have been designed to adventure with you in the great outdoors.

Travel colour palette

Men's Quay Polo in Arizona Red

Places like the Amalfi Coast, stories of our customers travelling through European cities and on coastal holidays in Rohan clothing, inspired the colour palette for the second part of our Spring/Summer 2022 range – Travel. Rather than following a busy day of walking, this customer journey focuses on a more relaxing trip overseas, and the way your surroundings change as the day goes on, from sunrise to sunset.

At the beginning of the day, you’re greeted by vivid blues, oranges and reds as the sun rises, colours which are reflected across our Travel range. As the day goes on, muted greens, blues and dusty pinks can be seen across the coast and the surrounding towns, colours which also compliment the light, breathable fabric of our summer linen range. As the sun sets, deeper blues can be seen across the night sky, influencing a slightly smarter, more formal look for your evening meal.

Although the customer journey envisioned by our designers differs with each range, the design process for every feature of our clothing starts with our customers. The colour palettes for Spring/Summer 2022 were refined numerous times across several review processes, to make sure the tones are right for the products and for the people who wear them as they explore the outdoors.

Our Design Team take influence from the environment, and consider where Rohan clothing will be worn, with every creative step. Their hard work pays off with each garment they create, and we’re proud to be able to share stories of their process with you, and excited that soon we’ll be able to share our fantastic new Spring/Summer 2022 range with you as well.

Outdoor colour selection
Travel colour selection

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