Explore with us

The theme of exploration has been central to our brand since our very earliest days in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales in the early 1970’s. We have designed clothing that has taken our customers and friends famously to the peak of Everest in the 70’s, along the Pacific Crest Trail in the 1980’s and across the globe since then. We have been in the lucky position to have been able to be there at the planning stage for so many of our customers journeys; kitting them out, getting them the best advice available and getting the full story on their return.

And then, and then…

Over the past year and continuing on into the first flush of this Spring our horizons have been brought closer to home, our ability to explore far and wide has been narrowed. And yet we count our blessings, we have technology to keep us connected to those close to us emotionally but far away in miles, we can seek out exploration of those paths less trodden that are but a stone’s throw away from our front door. Travel and exploration has become more than ever a state of mind rather than a planned trip.

Over the next several weeks we would like to share with you some of our ideas for exploration whilst keeping to the restrictions we need to follow to keep safe. With topics ranging from travel from the comfort of your home, to an exciting OS competition, exploration of some of the favourite places frequently visited by our Retail Team to a deep dive into the range from our designers.

We look forward to you joining as we Explore this February and March

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