My wife and I are Rohan fans. Understatement!

Indeed, in a short passage we cannot list all our Rohan clothes – they accumulate because they just don’t wear out. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we won’t be wearing them on a walk from Hahnenkamm to Pengelstein, nor when being whisked up again to 3842m on the Aiguille du Midi. Nevertheless, we are lucky, as we have plenty of quiet walks on the moors close to home and a few steep inclines to get the heart working. We pass very few people - though they probably notice that we are walking adverts for Rohan.

We usually walk very early in the morning when it can be cool up on the moor. Christine generally dons one of her two pairs of Traverse trousers and impressed with them, I have bought a pair too. They will complement my trusty and reliable Summit trousers and are a little lighter, I think.

Of course, a few mornings during lockdown have been pretty hot, even at 7.00am, and with the exertion of an incline at the start of the walk, my wife has opted for her Roamers while I have pondered hard over Escapers, Stretch Bags or Trailblazers. Of course, they are all light, comfy and stretchy so it doesn’t really matter which pair I choose. Then again, I will often just wear my Classic Jeans – I actually have two pairs of Dark Denim and two of Mid-Denim. They are great for everyday use and for those activities we won’t be doing for a while – travel and going out for a meal.

No walks are ever taken without our Icepack jackets or Microgrid Stowaway jackets because there can be cool winds above 300m even on sunny days. Anyway, they are so light that if the day gets warmer, we can just carry them; we don’t usually bother with rucksacks.

Men's Rucksacks

Men's Rucksacks

We have been so lucky with the weather during this prolonged period of social distancing but we have also had a couple of days of rain – no problem, we have our Rohan Ascent jackets (earlier version, can’t remember the name) and Dry Requisite trousers when needed. Incidentally, my Dry Requisites came in pretty useful last year when we experienced torrential rain in Krakow. I never travel without them because although they are waterproof, they are also light and breathable, pretty comfy too.

Well, we could also talk about our Merino Fusion jumpers, Downtown Coat, Hilltop waterproof jackets…oh, and by the way, my old Stronghold trousers are still going, er, strong!

Guest blog by William and Christine Fogg - Stalybridge, Cheshire.

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