Welcome to the Rohan Shirts Guide.

Our range of shirts are designed to keep you feeling adventure-ready, comfortable, and confident no matter where you’re headed, with a range of sophisticated technologies packed into modern designs. Discover the innovation behind the features, with an in-depth overview of each technology that makes the shirts in our range so versatile, practical, and durable.


Dynamic Moisture Control

Wick away any worries and stay cool and comfortable in humid conditions.


Dynamic Moisture Control (DMC) is a permanent wicking treatment, which works to rapidly spread moisture across a wide surface area of the garment. This allows the fabric to dry much faster and enables you to feel comfortable in even the hottest of climates.

This technology works to draw moisture away from your skin, which means that even through the most active pursuits, the DMC treatment will keep you feeling dry and comfortable. In hotter conditions, this treatment offers the benefit of an evaporative cooling effect, as moisture quickly evaporates from the fabric.

Men's Isle Shirt


This lightweight shirt was designed with convenience in mind. Treated with Anti-Odour technology and Dynamic Moisture Control to effectively wick away moisture.  

Women's Isle Shirt


Equipped with Dynamic Moisture Control and Anti-Odour technology, this will disperse moisture across the material to keep you feeling fresh on warm days. 

Sun Protection - UPF40+

Step into the sun with confidence, with shirts equipped with UPF40+ protection.


Feel the freedom to explore in sunny climates, with shirts equipped with our Sun Protection technology. Offering you effective protection from the dangers of UV radiation.

All Rohan fabrics are tested in line with internationally recognised standards to determine their effectiveness at blocking UV rays. Only fabrics that are graded over UPF40+ qualify to be in our sun protective range.

These garments block 97.5% of UV radiation. This means that for every 40 units of radiation, the garment will block 39, leaving only 1 to contact the skin – significantly reducing your exposure risk.


It’s important to use sun cream on any areas not covered by the garment. Protection may be reduced with extended wear or if the garment is stretched or wet.

Men's Portreath Shirt


This lightweight and durable shirt offers protection from harmful UV rays while FreshWay antimicrobial technology in the material keeps you feeling fresh.

Women's Coast Shirt


In the midday sun, the UPF40+ protection offered in by the lightweight fabric of the Coast Shirt will shield you from harmful UV rays.

Insect Shield®

Give insects the slip with travel clothing, discreetly converted into your safety net.


Embark on adventure with complete confidence in your kit and peace of mind, safe from biting insects. Insect bites can range from mildly annoying, to potentially dangerous depending on what part of the world you’re exploring. Insect Shield® technology is designed to keep you protected from insects including mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, fleas, chiggers, and midges.

This permanent, invisible, and odourless treatment works to reduce the chance of bug bites, by an impressive 97%. Using permethrin, a synthetic form of a naturally occurring repellent found in the Chrysanthemum flower, Insect Shield® causes insects to have a ‘hot foot’ reaction, which makes them fly or scurry away, before biting.

Insect Shield® only protects the clothed areas of your body. Exposed skin remains vulnerable to bites.

Men's Frontier Shirt

 The comfortable material in the Frontier Shirt is treated with Insect Shield® Technology and has UPF40+ Sun Protection, ready for adventures.

Women's Savannah Shirt

With UPF40+ Sun Protection, Insect Shield®,  and Dynamic Moisture Control, the Savannah Shirt is ideal for adventures in the warm weather.

“I like to refer to my Rohan clothes as my armour. They keep me safe.”


British artist John Dyer talks us through his most recent adventure to Kenya, with fellow artist Joanne Short. John and Joanne chose to bring along clothing from our Pioneer range to help keep them protected on their travels, favouring the durable and tough fabric and Insect Shield® protection when walking through the terrain.   


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Stretch (MultiFlex)

Move in any direction with shirts that ‘give’ more when you’re on the go.


When it comes to exploring, freedom of movement is paramount. The clothes you wear should allow you to overcome any obstacle in your path without limiting your ability to move, letting you explore in confidence and comfort.  

Providing outstanding flexibility with stretch between two points on the fabric, this technology will allow you to move without restriction. We use elastane in the fabric blend to ensure a comfortable and durable stretch that retains its shape even when put through the toughest of activities.

Men's Arris Overshirt


Made with our tough and stretchy MultiFlex fabric, the Arris Overshirt provides 2-Way Stretch and ease of movement when you’re out exploring.

Anti odour technology

The FreshWay treatment. Stay fresh on every adventure.


Our FreshWay antimicrobial technology effectively stops unpleasant odours by inhibiting the growth of odour-causing fungi and bacteria.

This technology works by distributing tiny, microscopic traces of silver throughout the material. Silver is a highly effective antimicrobial agent that works to keep your garment feeling fresh for longer. 

The traces of silver are permanently bonded to the fabric of the garment, guaranteeing that its antimicrobial properties will never wear, or wash out. This treatment also works to increase the life of the shirt because of the less frequent need to wash the garment.


Men's Coast Shirt


A high-wicking shirt designed for the warmer months, with Dynamic Moisture Control, UPF40+ sun protection and FreshWay antimicrobial technology.


Women’s Eave Shirt


Designed for all-day comfort, this lightweight shirt shields you from the summer elements with FreshWay Antimicrobial Technology, UPF40+ sun protection, and Dynamic Moisture Control. 

"At Rohan, we believe that choosing the right colour for a garment is nearly as important as choosing the material it’s made from."


We sat down with Jodie Sandham, our colour specialist in the Rohan design team, to learn more about colour and the process behind choosing the colours for the Rohan range.


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Warmth at its core. Shirts for when the cold creeps in.


Stay warm and comfortable with our Thermocore technology, providing maximum insulation with minimal weight and bulk.

The secret behind Thermocore technology is its hollow yarn construction, which allows more air to be trapped in the material, providing an extra layer of warmth when you need it most. This gives us the freedom to create lightweight and stylish garments that combine casual comfort with technical performance.

As soft as fleece but far lighter in weight, this technology allows us to make comfortable, casual-looking garments that work as wicking base layers, insulating mid-layers, or comfortable and warm shirts.

Men's Dover Shirt


Stay protected from the cold with Thermocore fabric’s hollow-core construction, which works to easily trap and store heat. Dynamic Moisture Control easily wicks moisture away from the skin. 


Women's Cove Shirt


A regular-fit shirt with Dynamic Moisture Control to keep you feeling comfortable throughout the day, designed with Thermocore technology with a soft brushed fabric feel.