Whether you’re exploring the rainforests of the Amazon, watching wildlife on an African safari, or exploring the temples of South East Asia, biting insects can be at best annoying, and at worst life-threatening. So here are Wanderlust’s top tips on avoiding being bitten.

  • Wear socks. Mosquitoes hunt at ankle level, and at dusk and dawn. So, forget the sandals at those times, and cover those ankles and legs.
  • Wear a scarf. Biting bugs seem to love targeting necks; they seem to bring out the vampire in them. This is also the area that can be forgotten when using sun protection too, especially on overcast days.
  • Use a repellent. The repellent should ideally a DEET-based one in a high-risk area for malaria or possibly a natural one in lower-risk areas. And remember to top it up during the day (and evening), especially if you get hot and sticky.
  • Avoid smelling too nice. Biting bugs seem to be attracted by some perfumes, so make repellent your odour of choice.
  • Use a mosquito net. Make sure where you sleep is mosquito proof, whether that means using a net, or the actual room/tent being bugproof. Air-conditioning and fans help deter flying pests. Oh, and keep the door shut!
  • Cover up. Long sleeves and full-length trousers will protect you against biting bugs, scratches and the sun, and can actually keep you cooler in a hot climate.
  • Use protective clothing. There have been great advances in permethrin-treated clothing which will defend you against nasty blood-sucking critters.

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Attacks from blood-sucking insects are always annoying, and can be downright dangerous. Keeping yourself protected is crucial – our Insect Shield® treated collection can form the first line of defence. This permethrin-based treatment offers long-lasting, invisible odourless protection that impairs the ability of most insects to land, thus reducing bites. Offering proven, reliable repellency, Insect Shield® treated clothing will let you enjoy your big adventures without the little irritations.

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