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Last Chance to Paint

What is ‘Last Chance to Paint?’

‘Last Chance to Paint’ inspires children to connect to the natural world and tribal culture through art and music, making children aware of what we stand to lose. Cornwall’s best-loved artist John Dyer takes you on a journey over the next four years as he paints endangered ecosystems and people around the world. This is an optimistic project, in collaboration with the Born Free Foundation, which aims to build real bonds, knowledge, respect and love between children and the natural world using the universal language and power of the arts.

Using satellite technology, schools and children are invited to ‘travel’ with John on this journey to remote locations around the world, and paint with him to feature in an online gallery. This is designed to connect children to the environment, bonding them in the process to important endangered ecological places, people and animals.

John’s first adventure will be to the Amazon rainforest with musician Martha-Lilly Dyer where he will meet with the Yawanawá tribe, 5-13 June. He’ll join Amazon Indian artist Nixiwaka Yawanawá to share culture through art and this will be streamed live on the Last Chance to Paint blog. You can also follow the adventures via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“We believe that the arts and the power of human connection can help to change the world.”

A little about John Dyer

Artist John Dyer is Cornwall’s best-known and best-loved contemporary artist. As fellow to the Royal Geographic Society and Artist in Residence for the Eden Project, his work is known all over the world through his many art prints, posters and exhibitions. He has a unique way of capturing the essence of his subject and his work celebrates the song of life.

John Dyer's work hangs in the UK's national art collections with Falmouth Art Gallery, The Eden Project, Save the Children, the National Trust and the NHS. His work brings a huge amount of joy to all who view.

John and Rohan go way back, too.

Rohan supported John on his original Amazon expedition in 1989 and he has been wearing our clothing ever since. In fact, Rohan has been with John all around the world including; Costa Rice, Peru, Australia, France, Philippines and of course, here at home in the UK.

So, it was a natural decision met with much enthusiasm and delight to support him once again on his upcoming Amazon expedition.

In his blog, John shows us some of the equipment he will be using in the rainforest.

“Rohan supported me back in 1989 on my first expedition to the Amazon and I am still using the very same gear today! I’m delighted that once again, Rohan has equipped our team with a set of their Insect Shield clothing - it is very much a necessity for life in the jungle.” John Dyer.

John’s Amazon pack list

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