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By Rohan Designer, Charlotte Lewis

Rohan was founded on the drive to do things better and upset the status quo. Faces change, the passion and obsession remain.

Fabric technology constantly advances, and this has enabled us to deliver in ever more effective and elegant ways. These technologies are often developed for challenging outdoor climates and then it’s our aim, as it was for our founders, to adapt these technologies throughout our entire range of clothing. Mountain technology meets urban style.

In fifteen years at Rohan I’ve seen many changes; the underpinning principles of design, however, are exactly the same. Everything we make is protective, lightweight, packable, easycare and versatile. And these elements all have to be present in every garment. Choosing a lightweight fabric is easy; selecting one that is protective, anti-wrinkle and has a beautiful drape is more challenging.

This job becomes an obsession. I’m always thinking about comfort and new fabrics – whether I’m on a multi-day trek in Jordan or travelling to winter cities, stepping from frozen pavements into overheated offices.

“Working on Rohan clothing has never been about sitting in an office dreaming up new ideas. We work with the constant responsibility of delivering the Rohan promise to our customers. Creating clothing that allows them to travel confidently with less. Less weight, less hassle, less laundry, less waiting for baggage handlers – it’s a more liberating way. And the harder we work to get things right, the easier our customers’ lives become.”

Charlotte Lewis

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