4 reasons to plan a winter walking holiday and what to take

Christmas is on the horizon, and with it, the prospect of a lot of quality time spent indoors with family and friends. Once the festivities are over and done with, you might feel yourself yearning for the great outdoors, for a walking adventure that takes you through winter landscapes that decorate Christmas cards.

In this post, we’ll provide just four great reasons why you should consider a winter walking holiday - and suggest some gifts to give that’ll subtly plant the idea in the minds of your friends and family.

It’ll be the ultimate detox

Come January 1st, you won’t be able to move for adverts imploring you to try some kind of newfangled chia seed drink as a means of offsetting a festive season full of indulgence. While health drinks and new year’s resolutions are all well and good, a hike up a hill or two when the sun is low and the weather is crisp can be the ultimate detox.

Just make sure you’re dressed properly for a winter hike - this’ll mean plenty of layers with the highly waterproof, retro-styled Icepack Overhead on top, so any inclement weather is shrugged off with ease.

A few days wandering anywhere from the Pennines to Pembrokeshire is made a whole lot easier with some lightweight, layerable clothing to keep you warm and dry. Now, speaking of warm and dry…

It doesn’t have to be cold

Chances are, by January, you’ll be sick of the dark and dreary slog that is a British winter. If you’re yearning for a warm-weather winter hiking holiday, then there are plenty of options, such as the year-round warm climes of Lanzarote, which features some eye-catching landscapes like the Timanfaya National Park.

To conquer warmer weather on your hikes, you’ll need some specialist Rohan gear that wicks away sweat. The Essence T for women is a great purchase for the Lanzaroteño winter, and is super easy to wash - meaning you can spend more time relaxing in your Lanzarote villa after the day’s hike is over.

Image: Unsplash

You’ll beat ‘Blue Monday’

Getting out and about in the great outdoors has tremendous mental health benefits - and will be especially felt if you’re avoiding ‘Blue Monday’ - the pseudo-scientifically defined ‘most depressing day of the year’ that tends to fall in late January.

Crushing the post-Christmas blues by conquering a Munro on a bright and frosty winter Monday sounds like a great holiday to us. Up in the Nevis Range and the Cairngorms, it tends to get chilly, so you should consider an upgrade to the classic Christmas gift pair of socks to the Ascent Socks that will keep your feet toasty from the foot of the mountain to your first dram of whisky after the day is done. Whatever turns blue on that particular Monday, it won’t be your toes!

You can create (and curate) some memories

Chances are, on your wintry walking holiday, you’ll be amongst some gorgeously unspoilt landscapes that demand photography. Whether this is a DSLR or a smartphone camera, we’re not fussy - just make sure they’re fully charged using the Goal Zero Flip 10 - a heavy-duty charger that’ll keep your gadgets well-fed for a trip of a decent length.

Once you’re in your bothy for the night, you’ll need a convenient stand where you can view the day’s photography - and luckily the Nite Ize QuikStand serves this exact purpose. Just don’t spend too much time poring over your devices while out in the wilderness - you should take some time to appreciate your surroundings, especially while the landscape is snow and ice-bound in the depths of winter.

Image: Pixabay

So, whether your trip is in the heat of the Canaries or someplace far colder, there are innumerable reasons why you should book a walking break in winter. With Rohan, you’ll always have the correct kit, so your imagination is the only thing stopping you from having a glorious time.

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