Sustainability means embarking on a journey open to change and making the right choices. The environmental impact of a Rohan product is determined by the decisions made during the design process, by our manufacturers and by our customers. We face real challenges which makes working with the right partners and sharing information key to our sustainability strategy. It is a constant learning process but we are committed to being a part of the conversation and making informed decisions.

Designing Quality

Designing and producing clothing which really stands the test of time is the most environmentally-conscious and sustainable positions we can adopt as a brand. We take immense pride in our products at Rohan, and with durability at the core of every garment, the need to replace is minimised – and ultimately, the adverse impact on our environment is reduced.

'Flatlock seam', 'scuff tape' and 'side expansion panel' are all words reserved for the precise design of Rohan garments. In a product created to perform in all conditions, the details make all the difference. Designing and producing a high-quality, technical product means embarking on a process of careful consideration and meticulous selection. 

Our Product Team have an intimate knowledge of each and every garment and our clever little features are no accident: every stitch has a purpose. 

Analysed in the lab and tested in the field, our Product Team put a garment through its paces to ensure every item carrying the Rohan name truly meets the Rohan standard. With function-focused construction and timeless, versatile design, a Rohan product is built to withstand weather, and the vagaries of mainstream fashion fads.


Rohan creates versatile, durable products, designed for longevity. Keeping your garment on the road for longer is itself a sustainable achievement. To get the most out of your Rohan product see our Care & Repair section.

Still Usable But Not Used

Why not consider giving your old clothing a new lease of life by donating to Gift Your Gear? Gift Your Gear is an award-winning nationwide initiative that provides outdoor clothing and equipment to UK community organisations, youth groups and charities working with young people in the outdoors.


Chemicals play a significant role in the manufacture of any product whether it be dyeing, treating or laundering. Certain chemicals allow us to add durability or a high-performance finish to our products: protecting the safety of those who make and use our products, as well as the wider environment, is paramount.

Rohan recognises the importance of chemical management in the production of textile products and is committed to reducing its impact. All of our fabric treatments are in line with the requirements of EU REACH regulations and Rohan’s own Restricted Substances List. Certification is required where appropriate and we continue to carry out our own testing procedure.


Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) and their derivatives are synthetic chemicals which have been used for many years for their water repellent properties. PFC is an umbrella term referring to numerous types of chemical compounds including perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS). You will find PFCs in many everyday products from apparel and textiles to frying pans and fire-fighting foam.

Current research has identified PFCs (in particular long-chain PFCs) as a very present environmental issue, having been found in water supplies as a result of manufacturing, caring and disposal of products which were designed to be resistant to stains, grease and water.

In 2015, we phased out the use of long-chain (C8) PFCs from our entire garment range, replacing this with short-chain (C6) and PFC-free (C0) alternatives. As an outdoor clothing retailer, we are committed to understanding the long-term environmental effects of our product’s chemical treatments, and continue to review the performance of our PFC-free treatments to gauge where we can apply this finish to other products in our range. Our sustainability commitment is balanced with a requirement to deliver high-quality products which not only keep you safe and comfortable, but also perform effectively in all weathers for many years.

For more information on how to care for your waterproof garment visit our Care & Repair section.


The discussion surrounding the environmental implications of microfibres is relatively new and we are actively furthering our understanding of the issue. Whilst research has presented some evidence of the polluting effects of microfibres, these studies have not yet been able to identify a solution and our work to understand this is ongoing. 

So far it is understood that the quality and construction of a garment affects the amount of shedding, but all materials will shed to some degree. Rohan therefore promotes conscientious caring:

  • Avoid powder washing detergents;
  • When washing, wash on a full load;
  • When removing the lint from your machine, throw this in the bin as opposed to washing it away in the sink;
  • Use a front-loading washing machine;
  • And, as simple as it sounds, avoid washing your clothes unless it is needed.

As an outdoor brand we believe in getting out there, embarking on adventures big and small, but with the growing issue of climate change and environmental damage, this is under threat. Rohan has been member of the not-for-profit organisation, European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) since 2015, supporting their efforts to preserve the great outdoors. As an EOCA member, we join forces with over 150 other outdoor companies, pooling resources that enables Rohan to support a wide variety of global conservation and environmental projects.

Find out more about the European Outdoor Conservation Association.

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