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Care & Repair

Are you in for the long haul?

Rohan wants to help its customers keep their products performing as long as possible through proper care and repair. If you no longer have any use for your outdoor garment (no matter the brand), take a look at our recycling programme.




We use high-quality performance fabrics and materials to make your Rohan product. Caring for your garment will inevitably extend the life of your purchase, which is more sustainable than replacing it. Research shows that extending the life of a garment by up to 9 months can lower its environmental impact by up to 20-30%. Every garment is individual, with its own designed purpose and specific compositions, so you should always refer to the care instructions. You can see general care instructions below but if you need any help with a product-specific care query, please contact our Customer Service Team on (Customer Service number is: 0800 840 1411) or email


Caring for a Waterproof
Washing your waterproofs assists in rejuvenating the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) treatment on the outer of the garment. When the DWR outer finish begins to show signs of wear and the jacket is becoming water logged, the 'pores' of the membrane are no longer breathable. The moisture our bodies generate cannot move outside the jacket and begins to build up.


We recommend a machine wash on a gentle synthetic cycle at 30 degrees, using a non-biological detergent or a technical wash (preferably PFC-free). Avoid the use of fabric softener. This should be followed by a cool tumble dry. Should you feel it necessary or if you have not used a technical wash during the washing process, you can also apply a post-wash re-proofer spray (preferably PFC-free).


Don’t have a Tumble Dryer?
This is not a problem. In order to rejuvenate your waterproof garment, please follow all other steps and air dry your waterproof. This should be followed by a cool iron through a tea towel. The low heat helps the rejuvenation process.


Caring for Down Fill
Wash your down jacket or vest on a gentle synthetic cycle at 30 degrees using a non-biological detergent or technical down wash. This should be followed by a cool tumble dry with drier balls. Wet feathers can clump together so using drier balls will help to disperse the feathers throughout the garment and assist the drying process.


Why does the care label on my Down product tell me about ‘commercial laundering’?
We recommend ‘commercial laundering’ service facility to ensure that the item is properly cleaned and thoroughly dried. Many of our customers do not have access to tumble dryers that offer a cool setting. It can take a Down product 2-3 hours (dependent upon the weight of the garment) in a tumble dryer before it is completely dry, so if the tumbler is not at a cool setting this may cause damage to the outer fabric.


Caring for Merino
Wash your Merino Union or Extrafine Merino garment on a gentle cycle at 30 degrees using a non-biological detergent, or handwash. We recommend you dry your merino garment flat, and do not tumble dry or wring. Should you wish to iron your merino garment, please refer to the care label of the individual product.


Fabric Softener
We do not recommend the use of fabric softeners when caring for your Rohan garment. Such conditioners contain waxes that coat the fibres of the material, this can ‘clog the pores’ of a garment and affect its breathability. This is particularly undesirable for our high-performance/technical range.


Stain Remover
It is possible to use a mild stain removing agent prior to washing which should assist in lifting out the stain during laundering. If you have any concerns, try testing a little of the product on a hidden area, such as inside a cuff before applying to the stain directly. If using on a waterproof garment this may affect the DWR finish which may require re-proofing.




Simple repairs such as patching a hole, sewing on a button and replacing a zip pull can be done at home, or by a local tailor.


Should you need some materials or component parts in order to carry out your repair simply contact our Customer Service Team. In order to keep your garment on the road, we will try our best to provide you with a replacement trim or patch of fabric, supplied free of charge. If the exact trim or fabric cannot be provided we will provide you with the closest available option.


If you feel your Rohan product would be safer in professional hands, pop into any Rohan Store with your garment, or contact our Customer Service Team. From re-stitching a seam to patching your waterproof jacket, they are happy to make arrangements for you.


Products, which have been subject to fair wear and tear, will incur a reasonable charge for any repair made. This will be confirmed with you prior to any works being carried out.


What is "fair wear and tear"?
Our products are constructed from quality materials and designed with functionality at their core. Unfortunately, all garments (and their components) will deteriorate, fade and show signs of ageing. Wear and tear is inevitable, but the life of a product is dependent upon the individual, their adventures and how the garment has been cared for. All garments will be assessed individually to determine whether a garment has been subject to ‘fair wear and tear’.




Give your old outdoor clothing a new lease of life by donating to Rohan’s nationwide initiative Gift Your Gear.   At Rohan we believe old outdoor clothes shouldn’t be thrown away, but have a new lease of life on the hills in the UK.


Since 2012, Gift Your Gear has helped donate over 195,000 outdoor garments, across 650+ inspiring projects, helping 5000+ individuals get outdoors.


Gift Your Gear is an easy way to donate and encourage reuse of your pre-loved outdoor clothing.  The useable outdoor kit you donate makes a real difference to community organisations, youth groups and charities, enabling others to benefit from life changing experiences. 


We run our Gift Your Gear campaign twice a year, so keep an eye out in store or sign up to our email updates.


Find out more about Gift Your Gear.



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