Up until recently, our Autumn Winter 2021 range had only been photographed in our studio, which just didn’t feel right to us, as a brand that champions the great outdoors and all the wonders to be found there. So, as soon as they could, our Creative Team were straight out and on a trip up to Yorkshire, ready to shoot our new range in an environment in which it belongs.

The team, including photographer Ian Finch and models Russel and Gail were based near Skipton for the week, which wasn’t a random choice. Rohan started in Yorkshire, shooting there meant going back to where it all began and taking our clothing to places where it was designed to be worn.

Malham Cove

The dramatic scenery of Malham Cove drew the team there on day one. Malham was a photoshoot location during Rohan’s early years and this history, teamed with bright sunshine and interesting landscapes, made it an obvious spot to visit.

Russel is wearing Men’s Mistral Jacket, Firth Blue; Men’s Stretch Bags, True Navy; Clifden Beanie, True Navy Stripe; Men’s Oboz Sawtooth Low B Dry, Shadow Burlap and Frost Grey/Sage

Stainforth Stepping Stones

As is usually the case in the UK, the sunshine didn’t last and the rain soon closed in, not ideal for a photoshoot but nothing Rohan kit can’t handle! Russel and Gail took slippery stepping stones in their strides at their next location, Stainforth Stepping Stones.

Russel is wearing Men’s Frostpoint Jacket, Cinnabar Red and Men’s Troggings, Coal. Gail is wearing Women’s Frostpoint Jacket, Forest Green and Women's Troggings, Deep Navy.

Goat Scar Lane

Continuing their journey into pouring rain that would have drenched them were it not for their Rohan waterproofs, the team headed up Goat Scar Lane, meeting a dog walker on the way who was equally kitted out in head-to-toe Rohan, and happy to lend their dog to Gail for a few snaps.

Gail is wearing Women’s Radius Jacket, Black; Women’s Merino Cool T L/S, Maple Red Marl; Women’s Winter Roamers; Moher Beanie, True Navy Marl; Brae Gloves, Cayenne Purple Marl

Russel is wearing Men’s Radius Jacket, Black; Men’s Merino Cool T S/S, Atacama Brown; Men’s Highground Trousers, Ash Brown; Stretch Microgrid Beanie, Anthracite Grey. Gail is wearing Women’s Brecon Jacket, Cumbria Blue; Women’s Dry Roamers, True Navy; Moher Beanie, True Navy Marl; Brae Gloves, Cayenne Purple Marl

Catrigg Force Waterfall

The plan was to feature Rohan kit in places that might be of interest to Rohan customers and Catrigg Force Waterfall, at the top of Goat Scar Lane, was exactly that. The secluded spot provided a dramatic backdrop for photos and incredible views for the whole team to enjoy.

Russel is wearing Men’s Ventus Jacket, Ember Orange and Men’s Winter Stretch Bags, Carbon.

More exciting backdrops were found at Skipton Castle, a privately owned building that proved to be an exciting setting you’re sure to see in plenty of upcoming product photos. Watch this space!

Grassington House

On the hunt for more stunning locations, the team found exactly what they were looking for, along with more Rohan customers, in Grassington. Starting in Grassington House, a grand-looking hotel, bar and lounge, they bumped into a gentleman leaving the restaurant after an anniversary lunch, who was happy to stop and chat to them about the Rohan kit he was wearing and had treasured for years.  

Gail is wearing Women’s Torres Cord Shirt, True Navy; Women’s Merino Cool T S/S, Mauve Purple Marl; Women’s Advance Jeans, Dark Denim. Russel is wearing Men's Torres Cord Shirt, Atacama Brown; Men's Advance Jeans, Mid Denim.


Just down the road, at a B&B called Number 47, was another beautiful place to shoot, and another Rohan-wearer. Sarah, the owner, is a big Rohan fan and was excited to hear all about our Autumn/Winter range. Thankfully, she was also happy for her stunning B&B to become the next backdrop for our photographers.

Women’s Radiant Merino Jacket, Cumbria Blue; Women’s Merino Cool T S/S, Mauve Purple Marl; Women’s Advance Jeans, Mid Denim.

Markenfield Hall

After a whistle-stop tour of Yorkshire the last place for our Creative Team to visit, and another of their recommendations for you to visit too, was Markenfield Hall. An ideal spot for wandering round an apple orchard, sight-seeing in a fourteenth-century country house, and a picturesque setting for a photoshoot.

Russel is wearing Men’s Hudson Jacket, True Navy and Men’s Flex Jeans, Mid Denim. Gail is wearing Women’s Hudson Jacket, Heather Purple Marl and Women’s Flex Jeans, Mid Denim.

This trip left Rohan’s Creative Team with wonderful photos, memories and stories to tell. Keep an eye out for more photos of our AW21 range on-location in Yorkshire, coming soon!

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